Proving Senator Klein’s Two Faces – or- Did He Take $5,000 From Forest City Like Bramson Did?

Written By: Deprecated User

What would make a Senator, who previously fully supported the restoration and re-use of the Armory, suddenly take part in a backhanded, rush through, get it done before the public finds out, type of legislation? Pro Armory one minute, tear it down the next. Even Forest City has admitted the Armory can be utilized as Echo Bay is developed. Senator Klein, it is my opinion that you have become spineless in your ability to be a leader, no longer deserving of the peoples trust. The voting booth will show that loss of trust. Cowardly and backhandedly, you chose to turn on you constituents who have previously supported you. Are you taking campaign money from Forest City or the Ratners like Mayor Bramson did What price was it worth to sell out the trust of the people? Stop it Senator and act like an adult, Senator and citizen. You haven’t had one single discussion about the merits of saving the Armory, so how could you possibly make an informed decision, unless of course, you are being co-opted by money or undue influence. Goodbye Senator, your carreer is over. You want proof of the 2 faces? Here you go.