BID Downtown Parking Update

Written By: Robert Cox

The BID held their annual meeting on Monday June 28 at the top of the Avalon East building. The focus of the meeting was a presentation and follow up discussion on the results of the recently implemented 24 hour metered parking in the 8 downtown parking lots.

BID Downtown Parking Report

BID Downtown Parking Q&A

BID Chairman Marc Jerome reviewed the following update with the BID board:

  • After the initial issuance of tickets that was reported in the media, the New Rochelle Police Department reported to me today that tickets in the lots have steadied out at 50 per day on average.
  • At the BID’s request, the City has agreed to fund $35,000 of improvements at the Church Division garage. Jeff Coleman and the DPW department have been very cooperative on this matter and they plan on implanting the improvements described below in August and September. The improvements include:
  • – Removal of all broken concrete car stops
    – Purchase and installation of new car stops
    – Power wash the floor
    – Restripe the spaces
    – The BID will paint the stairwells and other areas in July
    – Bulfamante Landscaping has agreed to donate landscaping improvements

  • The transfer of control of the Avalon garage to the City of New Rochelle has not taken place yet and we are frustrated with the pace of progress. We are pushing to have this completed as quickly as possible. Many of the restaurants on Division Street remain frustrated over the lack of progress with this lot.
  • We are asking the City to install the credit card kiosks in Prospect Street as soon as possible. Progress is being made, however, we need to remain vigilant.
  • It has been reported to me that most of the improper commercial use of the lots has ceased. The taxis, U-Hauls, and other commercial vehicles are no longer utilizing these lots for free parking.
  • The City will issue new parking permits in July and August. The BID will monitor how many permits have been issued and will attempt to study parking permit usage to better be able to make future recommendations. We expect the number of permits to rise as a result of the new policy.

4 thoughts on “BID Downtown Parking Update”

  1. Two points – Rubber car stops & U-Haul Trucks illegally parked
    (1) The city should consider installing car stops made of recycled tires. They are environmentally friendly, are easy to install due to lighter weight, are less prone to cracking and temperature variations, and are cheaper over the life of the product than concrete car stops.

    (2) The U-Haul trucks now park along North Avenue, both in the downtown and in the residential sections. Despite complaints to the NRPD, the trucks, sometimes up to 4 of them a night, usually 1 or 2, park in our neighborhood. I have not yet seen a ticket on their windshields. Therefore, the U-Haul problem has moved and is now our neighborhood’s problem.

    1. U-Haul truck update
      Since my post above on Monday 7/12 we have not seen the U-Haul trucks again. Maybe the blog made a difference. We had been calling the PD for a while prior.

      1. U-Hauls have moved to Garden Street Lot
        The U-Hauls are now illegally parked in the Garden Street lot. This photo was taken today. The problem has moved.

      2. where they belong
        The Garden Street lot is designated for commercial parking for permitted vehicles including the U-Haul trucks. This is the only place they are supposed to be parking. If you see them in any other municipal lot or on the street report that.

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