Bob Cohen Signs WCA Reform Pledge; Oppenheimer Reneges

Written By: jrcohen19

State Senate candidate Bob Cohen (R, I, C – 37th District) yesterday announced that he has signed the Westchester County Association’s (WCA) Call to Action Campaign Pledge and chided Senator Oppenheimer for already breaking the promises she made when she signed.

“I applaud the WCA for their leadership in the fight to reform Albany and am honored to take an active part in their efforts,” said Cohen. “I am committed to the structural reforms the WCA is calling for and will fight to get them enacted as a member of the state Senate. Senator Oppenheimer may have also signed the pledge, but one would never know it from her actions. By voting for a budget that stands contrary to everything the pledge embodies, she has broken the promises she made when she signed on with the program.”

The pledge mirrors many elements of Cohen’s platform, calling on candidates for state Legislature to commit to fundamental reforms necessary to return the state to financial stability and economic competitiveness. Specifically, the pledge asks candidates to commit to the following:

* A balanced budget completed on time and without increased taxes, fees, assessment or borrowing
* Full disclosure of all outside income
* A non-partisan commission to redraw legislative district lines
* Vote against any unfunded mandates

“Just two weeks ago Senator Oppenheimer voted for a budget negotiated behind closed doors that was months late, raises taxes, cuts property tax relief, and eliminates half a billion dollars in job creation tax credits. Clearly, the goals of the WCA and the wellbeing of Westchester residents were not on the senator’s mind when she voted for this disastrous budget. This is a classic example of a career politician saying one thing when she’s out on the stump and doing the exact opposite when she gets to Albany.”