Inquisitive Minds Want to Know Why Domenic Procopio is still the Appointed Chairperson of the Civil Service Committee?

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Domenic Procopio has been receiving “Special Illegal Privileges” for over a decade. These privileges include property tax breaks, school tax breaks, parking and moving violation breaks, etc… It was discovered that Domenic Procopio was and still is receiving STAR Tax breaks on more then one of his properties. STAR Tax break is ONLY eligible for a person’s primary residence. It was also discovered that Domenic Procopio was also receiving Combat Veteran Tax Breaks on his properties. The funny thing here is that Mr. Precopio NEVER served in any of the Armed Forces of these Great United States. So how was it that he was grated such a break? If you ask Mayor Noam Bramson, he’ll tell you it was a clerical error. BULL!!!. There is no way this was an error. This was a deliberate illegal favor given to Domenic Procopio by Tim Idoni, the current County Clerk and carried out by City Manager Chuck Strome and current Mayor Noam Bramson. The issue here is why hasn’t Domenic Procopio been relinquished of his title? I’ll tell you why. Political connections run deep. The corruption in New Rochelle City Hall is so bad that sitting elected officials are afraid to do anything in fear of all the scandals and corruption being uncovered.
Attorney General Andrew Cuomo hasn’t even touched this. Even he’s afraid to right this wrong. And he wants to be governor, God Help Us All!!! I now have NO RESPECT for the Attorney General. He rather spend time campaigning for governor then bring corrupt officials to justice. Lazio, should dig deep into this story. He’ll find some juicy ammunition against Cuomo on this one. Allowing corrupt city officials to go unpunished under his watch. If I were Lazio, I’d also look into relationships between Procopio, Idoni, Strome and Bramson. This could be a really big story that could finally bring down the corruption, cover ups and scandals in New Rochelle. If the FBI is reading this, please help New Rochelle rid itself of the long running corruption that has plagued us for nearly two decades.

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  1. Domenic Procopio is a Cheat and a Disgrace.
    Domenic Procopio is a cheat and a disgrace. How he can hold his head up in public just shows that some people have no shame. He has stolen public funds for more than a decade now and makes no apologies. It wasn’t hard to figure out that ex-Mayor Tim Idoni bestowed these extra benefits on his godfather. But for current Mayor Bramson and City Manager Strome to turn a blind eye shows how corrupt New Rochelle City Hall has become. And the three Democrat City Council members don’t have the guts to speak up. This must become a campaign issue next year. And let’s not forget the Cappelli and Avalon tax breaks, the NR IDA give-aways, the bloated overtime and pension contracts which are breaking the backs of the taxpayers. The list goes on and on. Forget NYS AG Andrew Cuomo, a mediocre politician. Our only hope is that US Attorney Preet Bharara might be interested in the outrageous corruption that is plaguing New Rochelle, and will only continue until arrests are made and/or a new administration is voted in. We Must Remember in November 2011!

  2. Don’t you know that Domenic
    Don’t you know that Domenic needs to pad his overtime for a few years before he can reitre.

    How else is he supposed to support himself?

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