As Paterson and Cuomo Rally for Property Tax Cap, Cohen Calls on Oppenheimer to Stop Blocking Plan

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Candidate: With Westchester Households Paying the Highest Property Taxes in the Nation Senator Should Be Leading the Charge

WHITE PLAINS – Citing the growing momentum for a cap on local property taxes, state Senate candidate Bob Cohen (R,I,C – 37th District) today called on Senator Oppenheimer to put aside her covenants with the Working Families Party and other special interests opposed to the cap, and lead an effort to enact the plan during Wednesday’s special session.

“For many Westchester families this could be the first tangible, positive development from Albany in many years,” said Cohen. “We’ve reached a crisis situation here. The growth rate of property taxes is unsustainable, especially for the elderly, working families and small businesses. Senator Oppenheimer needs to stop burying her head in the sand and support this legislation.”

Cohen noted that a similar cap passed with bipartisan support almost unanimously in New Jersey just two weeks ago, and that today Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Cuomo is headlining a rally for a cap with Nassau Republican County Executive Ed Mangano. This is not the only time Senator Oppenheimer’s views have clashed with those of the Democrats’ standard bearer. Earlier this year, Mr. Cuomo rejected the support of the scandal-plagued Working Families Party, which opposes the property tax cap, while Senator Oppenheimer accepted their endorsement.

“The momentum is growing, but this could be the last chance to provide a silver lining to this otherwise dim and cloudy session for taxpayers,” said Cohen. “I’m calling on Senator Oppenheimer to think about her constituents when she goes up to Albany, not the Working Families Party and the other special interests that oppose the cap and are backing her political campaign.”

One thought on “As Paterson and Cuomo Rally for Property Tax Cap, Cohen Calls on Oppenheimer to Stop Blocking Plan”

  1. Maybe Suzi’s too busy NOT
    Maybe Suzi’s too busy NOT finishing the budget?

    Why does anyone vote for her? I really don’t know and I can’t think of anything that she’s done for our community as a whole. I know she supports and has voted numerous times to raise taxes and increase spending. I also know she a part of the most dysfunctional government in the country, one that doesn’t seem to be able to get anything done.

    That’s why we need to change in Albany and Bob Cohen will bring new ideas and be a fresh face to the state senate where good ideas and proposals are lacking.

    Suzi could have come out and said, look right know and for this budget year we simply can’t afford to borrow more money or pay higher taxes but she didn’t. In fact she supports both and how is that good for any of us?

    Does Suzi support cutting anything except school and muncipal aid reimbursments? Where are the cuts to state government? And that’s part of the problem, she not against anything, except the Armory maybe, and how can government function like that?

    VOTE Bob Cohen November 2nd!

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