Sycamore Park Vandal Residing on Ronalds Lane

Written By: MakeNewRoBetter

In the past two weeks, two vehicles which were parked on Ronalds Lane in the Sycamore Park area of New Rochelle, have been vandalized for the mere reason of parking on Ronalds Lane. Residence / home owners of Ronalds Lane think that they own the portion of the road in front of there homes and that no one else is allowed to park there. Ronalds Lane is a public street where any one can park their non-commercial vehicle.

There are a number of resident home owners that park “spot holder” vehicles in front of their homes and these vehicles become permanent road fixtures. These home owners park these “spot holders” for week and months without moving them so that other people cannot park their vehicles in front of their homes. This “spot holder tactic is illegal. These same home owners have driveways which they keep empty.

This writer knows that these crimes are being committed by resident home owners of Ronalds Lane, and that these home owners are gutless, selfish, socially challenged, inept, jealous, loathing individuals.

These crimes have been reported to the New Rochelle Police for investigation. If there are any others who have had their vehicles vandalized while parked on Ronalds Lane, report the act to New Rochelle Police Department. These resident home owners must be punished!!!