House Fire on Elk Avenue Sparks “All Hands” Call for New Rochelle Fire Department

Written By: Robert Cox


Four houses of the New Rochelle Fire Department responded to a report of a house fire at 47 Elk Avenue. The first truck arrived on the scene at 9:46 PM. Smoke could be seen billowing out of the rear of the house on the second floor as the NRFD deployed. Firefighter entered through the front door and used a ladder to ascend to a second story front window. The residents escaped without harm and assembled on the front lawn.

A preliminary report indicates an accidental fire caused by a burning candle. After the fire was brought under control, firefighters removed an arm chair from the house.

NOTE: I happened to be in my car, driving a block away. I had just reached the stop sign at the intersection of Elk Avenue and Forest Avenue near North Avenue, the Deputy Chief’s SUV came flying up the hill, sirens blaring, lights blazing. I pulled over out of the way, parked my car and arrived on foot at the location before most of the fire trucks. I was able to get some video of the smoke from the fire before it was extinguished at the firefighters deploying in front of the house which can be seen in the video below. I just happened to have with my an award-winning photojournalist — my daughter, Elena — who helped shoot video and photos. We managed to get about 20 minutes of good video from the scene which I edited down to about 7 minutes before uploading to YouTube. It’s late and I am too tired to make a shorter video.









3 thoughts on “House Fire on Elk Avenue Sparks “All Hands” Call for New Rochelle Fire Department”

  1. Great pics and video there Robert
    I hope that family is alright after this happened. I hate to hear stories like this.

    I have heard of insurance companies that will deny claims from house fires started from a candle flame. Claiming it is negligents on the home owner for not extinguishing the flame before going to bed

    wicked candles are not safe they can cause fires like you have here. Some old candles have lead core in them and when burnt give off harmful toxins and lots of the waxes used in candles are very toxic too when burned.

    There is a safer alternative Check out my blog for more info.

  2. correction
    hi, it was my room that burned down and it was not a candle. a light fixture set a curtain on fire

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