Please Don’t Feed the Panhandlers

Written By: Robert Cox

While staking out 5 Anderson this morning, a guy came up to me and asked me if I had a dollar. As you might expect from reading this site I told him to bugger off. I asked around and learned that he has been aggressively panhandling in the downtown area for the past few weeks, that he is aggressive and persistent and actually shouted at one person who said “no” to him, went into a store, made a purchase and was then verbally accosted with “you said you didn’t have a dollar and you just bought something”.

This guy moves very quickly but manages to hit up every single person in his path. By the time I got my camera out he was gone. Later I over by 5 Anderson and watched hit up about 30 people in 3 minutes. Amazing. You can just see that he finally finds some idiot to give him a dollar. Please people. Don’t feed the panhandlers.

UPDATE: Hey! Maybe Cappelli can hire him. Louis can put a sign around his neck marketing Trump Plaza, a block away. It makes sense right? You get some deadbeat bum to sell luxury condos and retail space and all he does is walk around town taking other people’s money and stuffing in his pocket as he goes.

2 thoughts on “Please Don’t Feed the Panhandlers”

  1. this man is active on Main Street
    I was asked for a dollar as I walked down Main Street near the Vegetable Store. I kept walking and so did he.What is New Rochelle becoming? I thought this was not allowed.

    1. Not to be dismissed..This guy is not looking for a dollar.
      I was also asked for a dollar recently across the street from the florist by the garage

      In NYC when approached for money or a cigarette, the person approached is being sized up for a possible revisit at a future date.

      Once contact is made, the assumption ‘in the wanna-be perp’s mind’ is that your guard is down. He approaches a few more times and then makes his move if he things you are a soft touch or an easy mark.

      The next time he approaches, he may be ready to snatch and run and it is best to be on your guard.

      I have also noticed an increase in what appears to be vagrants around the train station and sleeping on the bench across from the florist and streching out on the streets in the surrounding area. Why that bench is there is anybody’s guess, but any morning you can see folks sleeping there. Not exactly the image we would want for a New Rochelle poster in an upcoming political campaign.

      NR’s quality of life seems to be going down the tubes. Who should we thank for this upgraded blight????

      As a side note, a few years ago NYC newspapers reported that a man riding the subway would start up a casual conversation with women before they were robbed.

      This guy also spoke to me in the subway before the newspaper article mentioned the robbing.

      I not so nicely told him where to go and he moved to another subway car.

      Don’t be an easy mark, this guy is too well dressed and well fed to only want a dollar…

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