George Latimer Wants to Help You Collect Unclaimed Funds

Written By: Robert Cox

George Latimer.pngFrom the office of George Latimer:

Sound Shore residents have had numerous opportunities in the last year to find money that New York State owes them; Assemblyman George Latimer has sponsored Unclaimed Funds seminars in all seven communities, accessing the State Comptroller’s database to find reimbursement checks due individuals.

The money may come from a dividend checks, deposit for a utility, or any number of other sources where the organization could not find the proper recipient – usually because of a change in address, or a misaddressed location.

Individuals can seek to check on their own: access on-line and click on “Search for Lost Money” and enter the last name and city for you or any relative. If you need any assistance, contact Latimer’s Assembly office at 777-3832.

“At a time when people are hard-pressed to pay ever-increasing bills and taxes, every dollar counts. Don’t pass up this chance to see if money is coming your way — over a dozen people at a recent session in Port Chester found a check waiting for them or for a loved one”, Assemblyman Latimer noted.