GETTING RESULTS: Con Ed Moves Transformers in Front of Huguenot Hills in New Rochelle

Written By: Robert Cox


Con Edison, aware that the wires in front of Huguenot Hills were becoming an issue based on reports on Talk of the Sound, arrived this morning to move a transformer that may have been just a bit too close to the building. Not wanting to risk the fallout if the transformer exploded so close to the Huguenot Hills building.

Talk of the Sound had not one but three contributors who came upon the seen today and made a report or took photos. You know who you are. Thanks folks and remember if you see something, say something…or at least pull out your cellphone and take some pictures.



5 thoughts on “GETTING RESULTS: Con Ed Moves Transformers in Front of Huguenot Hills in New Rochelle”

  1. New Rochelle pd
    I was out roller blading the other day down north ave.

    The new paved section from main to Palmer is dreamy. Did you know they also paved in front of the high school? Magnificient. My calves were burning so I turned around by the Paine house.

    At any rate, the reason I write is that I a have not seen a single inquisition into the dangerous conditions of the dilapidated church next to the police department on north ave. You never once covered that the stone tower came crashing down. Certain creatures of nature were killed in this fall with a great thud! The building continues to be unsafe. The city of new Rochelle should be ashamed for allowing such a magnificent gem deteriorate as it is. The pd uses it. I think they are intentionally avoiding repair so it can be torn down. As a structure it is important to the citys history–like the armory.

    It seems there are nefarious plans at work.

    Also, I noticed new parking meters in the parking lot at prospect place. No update there? Certainly there are a few more chintzy posters to be hung around the city. Word on the street is that there are plans to build a Jurassic park like environment at davids island. Who knew? Two thumbs up from me!

    Roberta the Postperson

  2. Information is responsibility…
    With so many people reading Talk of the Sound, the days of ignoring problems, lack of accountability, absence of transparency are greatly being reduced. To bad that so many the decision makers in our city have not gotten the message. We all should be grateful that nobody needed to get hurt before this was addressed. Nevertheless, the “tipping point” is near.

  3. Amazing Results
    This is really amazing results. I can’t imagine that this is a coincidence.

    1. No coincidence
      As noted above, they were aware that the building was becoming an issue so they sent someone over to inspect the Con Ed equipment and decided to move the transformer due to it’s proximity to the residences at Huguenot Hills. They felt it was probably OK but did want to take any chances that the transformer would blow (which happens) and damage the building or injure anyone.

      Con Ed PR people monitor sites like Talk of the Sound every day so it’s no surprise they’d notice this. It is why I tell people to post stories about such issues. It helps elevates the issue and can encourage action in ways that repeated phone calls cannot.

      1. Gutters and leaders
        So does this mean we might get some gutters and leaders on that building. I would think that any home owner there would not want the liability of
        anyone getting hurt because of a lack of gutters on their unit.

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