HELP WANTED: Talk of the Sound is Looking for a Campaign Finance Editor

Written By: Robert Cox

If you have been reading Talk of the Sound, have an interest in local politics and are interested to step up and become a part of the team that produces the content for the site, consider joining us by becoming our Campaign Finance Editor.

Candidates for office are required to file campaign finance reports every quarter. We need a volunteer contributor to check these reports once a quarter and then write up a report on who has raised how much from who. The job entails visiting the State and Federal web sites, collecting the data and putting it into a Google Spreadsheet which will be made available through the site. Also, writing up a summary of the results and making note of any interesting aspects to the data.

This person should have an interest in politics and be comfortable with the web and using spreadsheets.

If you are interested, please call or email using the contact information on the site.