Ann Taylor Shopping Tip

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Just a quick tip that at Goodwill there is a nice selection of Ann Taylor samples — never worn, most with tags. I bought two sleeveless blouses, one was $7.99 and one $14.99. The sweaters and pants say “SAMPLE” on them, but not everything does. There is a way to remove the word Sample, but I don’t know how.

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    1. Thanks!
      Maybe I will try it – thanks –

      The Goodwill store is suprisingly bright and fresh. There is quite a bit of new merchandise, including bedding, toys, and children’s clothing. I think stores are donating at the end of the season. Anyway, the drop off is on the side of the store. You drive all the way around the building and then arrive at the side door.

      BTW, Shop Rite was doing a lot of business this afternoon. Lots of happy shoppers. Stop and Shop at New Roc is facing stiff competition with this new grocery store.

      Two bright and shiny stores –

      1. Very nice store
        Visited the Goodwill store today. Very nice store, with helpful sales staff.

        I was especially pleased with the wide range of items that included camping tents, new soft leather jackets and designer clothes with the tags still attached. I am sure the drum set in the box near the front door will not last long.

        Well worth a visit. No telling what you will find ;-).

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