New Rochelle Drive-by Shooting “Victims” Not So Innocent; Arrest Made in Robbery of Bronx Drug Dealer

Written By: Robert Cox

Drive-By Shooting1The two men targeted in a drive-by shooting in the West End of New Rochelle knew the shooters. Police have determined that the incident was a retaliation for a previous incident. Jason Picarelli (tattoo on arm, left) and Brian Dee (facing camera, right) robbed a group of drug dealers in the Bronx, source say. The drug dealers were able to track the pair down to a house at Union and 8th and fire five shots into the house.

Dee has now been arrested by NRPD for his involved in the drug dealer robbery and is said to be cooperating. Picarelli remains free but likely not for long, sources say.

There is “For Rent” sign in the window of the house they were renting on Union Avenue.

2 thoughts on “New Rochelle Drive-by Shooting “Victims” Not So Innocent; Arrest Made in Robbery of Bronx Drug Dealer”

  1. another media manipulation
    seems to me , the public is only being shown what the city of new rochelle and it’s corrupt police force, wants us 2 see. No mention of the henious crimes of police brutality and gross indifference to the civil rights we are all entitled to as human beings. Seems to me,Mr. Cox,your “sources” are the same dirty cops who turned a blind eye, while this unjustice took place.Wake up people, read between the lines, justice 4 all

    1. Does this make any sense to you?
      The effects were visible from the street so this was not some secret that required inside sources. This site has published stories that support or are critical of the police as appropriate. If we had a story about police brutality we would run it. More to the point, you claim to have a story and an account here. So why havent you written your own story. Talk is cheap; if you have a story to tell then run it and drop the conspiracy theories.

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