4 thoughts on “Sunhaven Neighborhood to Press New Rochelle Planning Board on Route 1 Mercedes Dealership”

  1. Fight the good fight
    There was a dealer there before (GMC/Cadillac) so there’s no appreciable increase in jobs. As for sales tax when you purchase a vehicle you pay sales tax to the community you reside in. Most New Rochelleans won’t be purchasing a Benz and those that will probably reside in the extreme north end whose sales tax goes to Scarsdale so no appreciable increase in sales tax. The problem with all dealerships on Main Street is their service departments and where the autos que for servicing. They block streets, intersections and jam traffic especially in the early AM rush hour. While it may be prestigious it will have a negative impact on the immediate neighborhoods and if Fertel is in favor Noam is in favor and it will happen, end of story. To the residents in the surrounding neighborhoods I say Give “em Hell, get as many concessions as you can because they will violate them and you will need documents to control them in the future. Good Luck!

  2. So where’s the dealership going to be?
    Could be a good thing, but knowing that Barry Fertel supports it I have my suspicions, like he justifies giving them tax abatements through the ying yang because we’ll take in more in sales tax which would be wrong since you pay sales tax based on your zip code (and that gives large swaths of NR a discount) and most New Rochellians can ill afford the price of a new Mercedes these days.

    1. Contamination, lies and greed.
      The dealership is going to take the place of the existing Cadillac dealership. However, the plan calls for a 35 foot tall building of 45,000 sq feet. Running the entire length of the lot. Several years back the current owner of the property was able to have the woods located next to the property which acted as a buffer between the houses converted from residential to commercial zoning. No easy feat without bribes and kickbacks. It was supposed to be converted to parking for the employees and it never was used by employees. There is also some speculation about contamination. The old owner dumped hundreds if not thousands of gallons of used motor oil and other auto fluids on the property bordering the back of 35 harding drive. I’ve been at a few of the meetings and the gentleman who lives there has mentioned that his family has a few cases of cancer and other health problems. It seems as though the city wants it but what about the neighbors? Do they get a tax reduction because of the negative affect on the property values? The project needs to be looked at by the DEC, EPA and others but the city would like to quietly approve it all. Not this time.

  3. dealership
    Barry Fertel your councilman sounds like he wants this project to go forward. He says what about all the jobs it will create the taxes that will come from it,i guess they must be a big contributer to his reelection in 2011 Vote them all out in 2011.

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