Welfare for Politicians: With Less Than a Month to Election Day, Oppenheimer Continues to Use Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Campaign

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26-year Incumbent Sends Out Another Self-promoting Mailer at Taxpayer Expense

WHITE PLAINS – State Senate candidate Bob Cohen (R,I,C – 37th District) today sharply rebuked Senator Oppenheimer for sending yet another campaign-style mailer to thousands of Westchester households last week at taxpayer expense. Cohen demanded that the Senator reimburse the state for the self-promoting brochures she has had printed and distributed at taxpayer expense since she announced her campaign.

“Senator Oppenheimer has made it clear with announcements, fundraisers and attack ads that her campaign is up and running,” said Cohen. “Yet she continues to use state resources to boost her image with less than a month to Election Day and taxpayers are picking up the tab. Westchester families should not be expected to subsidize the campaigns of the career politicians responsible for the fiscal crisis the state is in.”

Cohen, who is running on a platform to reduce government spending and make Albany more accountable, said that government resources should not be used for such mailings after election campaigns begin, calling it ‘a misappropriation of funds’ and ‘welfare for politicians.’

“The state is in dire straits, property taxes are out of control, education aid has been cut, and residents are facing massive tax increases,” said Cohen. “The money it cost to design, print and mail this brochure could have been spent on education, infrastructure, healthcare, or to reduce the state’s crushing deficit. I’m calling on her campaign to reimburse the state for the cost of these mailings. It is a complete contradiction for Senator Oppenheimer to send out a mass mailing at taxpayer expense claiming of all things that she is protecting taxpayers.”