Dinner in New Rochelle

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Tonight i made dinner plans in our great city at Posto 22 on division street.I walked over through the libary lots and the avalon lot.On my way i noticed two police cars in libary lot when i approached the cars the officers were not in them they were both out of there cars writing parking tickets there was at most 15 cars in the lot.This amazed me we need two police cars to write tickets in this lot? Are these police officers on a quoter are they told write or else? After dinner i walked down main street to see garbage pails overflowing cars doubled parked and not a police car in sight. When i came down lawton street and through the libary lot again guess what the police departments CIU truck was in this lot writing more tickets.There were two guys sitting on the wall drinking in plain view what a disgrace lets ticket the people who visit our city for dinner or a night out but let the bums hang out and drink.Good job New Rochelle. I just wish i had my camera but not to worry the next time i will and the powers to be will see it for themselves. By the way dinner was great i’m glad i walked because if i got a 25.00 ticket i would not dine again in this city.

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  1. downtown
    Just another example of why no one want to come to Downtown New Rochelle all you have is people picking threw garbage cans and beging for money its a totall disgrace…..Thank god Larchmont Mamaranick and White Plains are not that far away.

    1. Wake up New Rochelle!
      As a downtown resident of New Rochelle I’m amazed at the lack of progress in this city. Myself and many other hard working young couples and families were lured into the downtown area with promises of an up and coming revitalized downtown New Rochelle. We’ve all moved in to participate in this “renaissance” of art, music and fine dining, but have yet to experience anything other than paying high rent to live in a filthy, desolate, uncomfortable neighborhood that resembles a third world country more and more each day. It’s become increasingly uneasy to even walk the streets in the downtown area. Around every turn is someone waiting to hassle you for money, a group resembling some sort of gang, or another empty retail space leaving you to think what could have been. I ask myself everyday how much longer I can stick around before New Rochelle gets itself together. I know many others that have given up on New Rochelle and moved to neighboring towns that know how to get it right. I shouldn’t have to travel to Larchmont, Mammaroneck or White Plains to get a decent living experience and not feel like I’ve been scammed about the future of the city I live in. My advice to New Rochelle and its governing officials is “get it together already or we’re all going to leave.”

      Does anyone else feel this way?

      1. Wake up New Rochelle
        Kyle just dont park your car in one of the downtown parking lots after 6.00pm without paying the meter because you will get a ticket on your car…it’s a damn shame!!!!!!!

      2. Deaf,Dumb,and blind
        south side man,
        New Rochelle and it”s leaders don”t understand and do not listen to there locale shop and resturant owners,

        All they do now is redo expensive Traffic studies ,retain development dreamers to make it look like our newly high price plannig and development offical and his dept is doing somthing .

        They talk about family friendly New Rochelle.
        When was the last time you saw any of those people( our elected or appointed officals)
        strolling Main street with there family and bumping into me or your family??????

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