Written By: Robert Cox

vote.jpg5:55 AM: We will be live-blogging election activity throughout the day and the results later tonight. We will be visiting polling places and have results as they come in after the polls closes. If you run into problems send an email to robertcox-at-newrochelletalk-dot-com or call 914-500-8386. Keep checking back throughout the day.

5:57 AM: Remember that we have new optical-scan voting machines for the first general election (they were used in the primaries and did not fare that well). If you want to learn more about how to use them before you head to the polls, click here.

5:59 AM: The Department of Justice has hotlines set up to report problems voting.

7:28 AM: Our first problem of the day, polls at the Library on Lawtown Street failed to open at 6 AM.

8:28 AM: New Rochelle Schools are closed today. Teachers are meeting up at the high school for a Superintendent’s Day conference on bullying and school violence. Ironic, considering the high school lies every year in their report to the State Education Department.

9:01 AM: New Rochelle Patch has published a useful list of the candidates on the ballots in the area.

9:11 AM: Find your polling place on Google Maps, with directions and a map showing fastest route from your house to the polling place.

10:17 AM: Voting machine at ED 10 not working.

11:19 AM:Voting running smoothly at New Rochelle High School. ED 68, 37, 41, 36, 34.

1:14 PM:Susan Kettner campaigning inside the Hugh Doyle Senior Center for 15 minutes. Republicans have filed a complaint.

5:31 PM:Commotion at 95 Lincoln. Rice campaign material placed on sign-in tables, voters getting “help” filling out ballots, police called, complaint filed.

One thought on “ELECTION DAY 2010 — GET OUT AND VOTE !!!!”

    The People of New Rochelle have spoken. To the shame of all contributors to this blog, new Rochelle supports diversity and equality for all. Thanks for Kettner and Rice. Judge Elect Kettner will be on the bench for ten years. I hope she never looked at this blog….You better not get in trouble in New Ro..and If you have a civil action, you best go somewhere else !

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