Shots Fired Near Horton Avenue

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Multiple people called the New Rochelle police department on Monday night to report that they heard shots being fired towards the Horton avenue housing projects. People at the scene told responding officers that a silver car with a male Hispanic inside fired shots and yelled this will happen all week.There was a heavy police presence in the area around 10:45pm police were talking and asking questions to people who might have seen or heard anything. No arrests were made and police were still investigating the scene as of 11:35pm. Remember see something say something.


Journal News: Man charged with drawing a gun in New Rochelle in dispute

The arrest occurred Sunday morning between 1 AM and 3 AM, about the time that the area was full of police monitoring Spectators.

Ramel Douglas of Mount Vernon was arrested on a serious gun charge after New Rochelle police said he pointed a handgun at a man in a dispute that began when Douglas and others criticized the victim’s girlfriend.

Sounds like he picked the wrong day to wave a gun around in downtown New Rochelle.