New Rochelle Police Arrest Two in Gun Incident Near Monroe College, Fourth Gun Incident in 4 Days

Written By: Robert Cox

Shamei Brown.jpgNew Rochelle police made two arrests this afternoon after a man brandished a gun on Main Street near Monroe College. The police are looking for two other individuals and believe the incident may be linked to a series of drive-by shootings in recent days.

Today’s incident is one of four gun incidents in the past four days. Three of the four incident reportedly involved a grey or silver vehicle with blacked out windows. In one incident, a bullet went through a wall of a residence and lodged in a computer.

At least two of the incidents have been tied to the “2-5” murder case. This week is the five year anniversary of the “2-5” murder and subsequent retaliation murder which set the city on edge in 2005 leading to evacuations at New Rochelle High School. The shooters near the Hartley Houses reportedly shouted as they drove, referencing 2-5 and saying the shootings would go on all week.

On Saturday and again last night witnesses reported multiple shots fired in the area around Horton Avenue near the Hartley Houses. Police believe the weapon was a revolver because no shell casings were found and no more than 5 shots at a time were reported. The shots were fired from a grey or silver vehicle.

In a second incident on Saturday near Anderson, a man walking was arrested after brandishing a gun. Police have yet to connect that incident to the 25 anniversary threats and shootings.

Journal News: Adds to our report that one person arrested was Samuel Martinez of 559 Webster Avenue, that the incident took place on Main Street near Monroe College as reported by Talk of the Sound. NRPD told JN “a 21-year-old Monroe College student and several friends were approached by Martinez and other men. The student and Martinez argued. Martinez punched the student, a Connecticut resident, in the mouth”.

FLASHBACK: Thirty Seven Years to Life in New Rochelle Mistaken Identity Murder

Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore announced that Shamei Brown a/k/a/ “TAZ”, (DOB 4/26/75), of 118 South 12th Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York, was sentenced today to twenty years in state prison for his conviction of Murder in the Second Degree, seventeen years in state prison on his conviction for Attempted Murder in the Second Degree, Assault in the First Degree and Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree, for a total of thirty seven years to life in state prison.

On October 31, 2005, Halloween, at the Hartley Houses apartment complex in New Rochelle, two men were shot in a mistaken attempt at retribution for the shooting of the defendant’s brother, earlier that month. One victim, Raymond Harris, was shot to death and another man was shot in the face and survived.

Dasheau Brown, Shamei Brown’s brother, was killed outside a social club in New Rochelle on October 10th, 2005. Rodney Alston was convicted of that murder and was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison.

The victims of Shamei Brown were not involved in the murder of his brother.

District Attorney Janet DiFiore commented after the sentencing, “Gun violence has, yet again, destroyed a family. One son is dead; another effectively will be spending the rest of his life in state prison for taking the law into his own hands and shooting two innocent men, killing one. Thanks to intrepid police work by the New Rochelle Police Department and tenacious prosecution by the District Attorney’s office a troubling case has been brought to a close with the best possible result.”

Assistant District Attorney Julia Cornachio, Chief of the Narcotics and Firearms Bureau prosecuted the case.

New York Times: Rodney Alston killed Dacheau Brown outside the Club Eclipse nightclub in New Rochelle on Oct. 10 after Alston was kicked out of the club and came back later with a gun. He snuck up behind Brown and show him five times. He fled the state and was later arrested in Georgia.

New York Times: In another Mount Vernon-New Rochelle murder case two months earlier in 2006, Duran Washington, a custodian at New Rochelle High School, shot Coray Kidd, an acquaintance, 3 times at point-blank range, killing him as he sat in a chair in a barbershop after getting a haircut.

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