Coincidence? Plea Deal in Forest City Ratner Investigation Just One Day After Ground Breaking Ceremony at Ridge Hill

Written By: Robert Cox

Ceremonial shovels finally hit the ground at Ridge Hill development

Elected officials and developers wielded polished steel ceremonial shovels yesterday not far from where Whole Foods and L.L Bean stores will rise as part of the Ridge Hill project, this city’s biggest redevelopment project to date.

Lawyer in Yonkers-Forest City Corruption Case Pleads Guilty

PREET BHARARA, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced that ANTHONY MANGONE pled guilty today in White Plains federal court to conspiracy, bribery, extortion, and tax evasion charges.

3 thoughts on “Coincidence? Plea Deal in Forest City Ratner Investigation Just One Day After Ground Breaking Ceremony at Ridge Hill”

  1. Forest City gets away with corruption?
    When Preet Bhahara uses the term “developer 1 or 2” it would seem obvious who they’re refering to. So, doesn’t that make the developer of choice for Echo Bay an “unnamed CO-CONSPIRATOR” in a criminal investigation where at least one defendant plead guilty? Will
    Forest City be next to have an indictment fall as the investigation continues? Will more money be found to have passed back and forth other than the $5,000 the Ratner family contributed to the mayor of New Rochelle?

    This is just one more reason we should be glad to be handing over the single, biggest and most valuable tract of New Rochelle owned land,free of charge, to this Co-conspirator (oops) I mean Forest City Ratner.

    Don’t let the city council extend the deal with this developer, not again.

    1. Now this is something to watch very close!!!
      This is the kind of situation that schould be watched and reported on “””

      New Rochelle keep your eyes open !!!

      There is ALOT OF MONEY going to be genertaed for this development ..

      And alot of politics are to be invloved .

      Watch for property purchases,possible eminent domaine situation”s, tax breaks,dev fee’s.

      All in a time of economic hard time.
      people are very hungry now !!!!

      What does Rattner have to do with this ???

      NOTE: no ALL CAPS please!

    2. contributions in the clear are peanuts
      The real money moves around in consulting contracts for people who are connected and then move cash or their own contributions into PACs and campaigns and political parties.

      Look how it worked in this case — an attorney is hired as a “consultant” where is main role is to broker the deals where votes/support is exchanged for cash and near-cash “gifts”.

      The issue is not so much that any particular person in New Rochelle is participating in this sort of corruption but that the Mayor and his friends are endorsing companies involved in this sort of thing.

      What’s next? Hiring Bernie Madoff as a financial advisor? Having Michael Milken sell our municipal debt?

      The idea that the Mayor of New Rochelle has been, for years, obsequiously shilling for a company in the middle of a Department of Justice investigation in Yonkers is an embarrassment. What does this say about his judgement and what does it say about the other developers he is seeking to bring to New Rochelle?

      Noam is a guy so desperate to leave a legacy that he will crawl into bed with any whore so long as he can expense the evening to John Q. Public.

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