TONIGHT: School Board to Put on Special Display of Good Old Fashion New Rochelle Corruption

Written By: Robert Cox

Come one, come all to the Columbus Elementary School where the New Rochelle Board of Education will be presented with a board resolution to give a guy who has been unable to qualify for an administration security position in the New Rochelle public school system but has, on multiple occasions, had special job descriptions crafted to try and make sure that he and only he could get the job.

Rolf Koehler has bounced from waiver to waiver since 2009. His last day with the district was October 30th when his most recent waiver expired. Last year the district put forward three different job descriptions prior to a municipal service exam in February, all part of an elaborate effort to block qualified candidates from beating out Koehler for the position.

Despite their best efforts, Koehler failed the civil service exam. 12 other candidates passed, three were eligible for the position yet none were selected. Instead Koehler was given a new position (Director of Surveillance) and allowed to remain for months beyond what was supposed to be his last day. It was that position that ended on October 30, 2010.

Now Koehler is back as the board is presented what will be the 5th or 6th resolution designed to keep Koehler on the payroll.

Pulling the strings? Bruce Danielle, the former New Rochelle cop caught running an illegal gambling operating while working for the school district and our old friend Domenic “Combat Vet” Procopio who failed to pay tens of thousands of dollars in taxes by maintaining an illegal STAR exemption and Combat Veteran exemption on a house he acquired in 2002 and for which he never paid full taxes.

The board has scheduled a last-minute Special Meeting at 7:45 PM without making proper legal notice (it is not even on their own web site) all to rush through the resolution.

If you want to get a glimpse of how corruption works in New Rochelle be sure to stop by. You may even hear me speak, opposing this resolution and calling on the board to defer the vote until they have educated themselves on the back room deals hatched by Procopio and Danielle with Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak.


JUSTICE: Board of Education Tables Illegal “Rolf Koehler” Resolution After Rare Two Hour Executive Session

12 thoughts on “TONIGHT: School Board to Put on Special Display of Good Old Fashion New Rochelle Corruption”

  1. Danielle’s friends can’t read
    Sorry for all who are incapable of comprehending what they read. I never stated that either Daniele or Kohler receive $100,000 pensions. I said they are collecting full state pensions, which the earned, and are pulling strings with backroom deals to get $100,000 full time positions. Let’s be factual Daniele and Kohler were first hired without proper 211 waivers and double dipping only after being outed here did the lame school district file the proper paper work. So take you best shot but you can’t change the fact that these pigs are feeding at the public trough!

    1. NRwronginfo….
      NRinfo wrote…” this is about two retired cops with full pensions receiving $100,000 plus positions;”

      Uh, I can read, you just can’t write. The way you wrote it indicated to me and others that they have 100k pensions and their positions with the district.

      Oh, as far as the salaries that Mr. Daniele and Mr. Kohler earn, check your facts. Mr.Daniele works year round and is responsible for the entire district. “Administrators” with that kind of responsibility are paid six figure salaries after a certain number of years of service. Mr. Kohler didn’t even come close to a six figure salary while employed in his “old” position.
      As far as back door deals, maybe, but instead of stating it as fact, bring the proof, not the assumption as proof.

      1. Your bias clouds your comprehension
        Sorry you can’t read! It says full pensions not $100,000 pensions the $100,000 references the positions they have as security. Try reading without bias. As for six figure positions unless you have no common sense you add 32% of salary for perks for state civil servants which is the total boat to taxpayers. Look at the whole picture not the snapshot that suits your needs. If this wasn’t a backdoor deal why was it devised hours before the meeting? Why not use the standard practice? Kohler was on “a leave of absense” and the school disrict survived so waiting another month allowing public input should have been no problem. Besides when it looks and quacks like a duck …….

  2. its funny how you keep
    its funny how you keep harping on school security as if all is a hidden agenda. Koehler and Daniele by no means have a $100,000 pension and check the salary for anyone under Daniele it may surprise you how small it is!
    How about the real crooks people in the district and city jobs who have a state pension, full salary and receive social security! look that up and also all your true city employee double dippers with one full time job and than another part time.
    Do your homework attacking these two guys makes no sense.
    Also scoring or passing the last test does not make you qualified. start doing the right thing and stop listening to bad info and really find out how New rochelle money is being burned

    1. Police officers and
      Police officers and firefighters throughout New York are grouped into two pension levels-Tiers I and II-both of which offer more generous benefits, in some respects, than those available to civilian employees. Members of the police and fire pension systems can retire at half pay after just 20 years on the job, with no age restriction. As a result, most New York state cops and firefighters who are not promoted to a supervisory ranking choose to begin second careers in their early 40s, backed up by pensions often swollen by overtime in their pre-retirement, peak earning years. I see nothing wrong with Koehler and Danielle in their title role within the Board of Education.

      However, I do know that Mr. Danielle himself hired a few New Rochelle PD employees as school security these are some of The“double dippers with one full time job and than another part time “That you refer to in your post.
      You also wrote, “How about the real crooks people in the district and city jobs who have a state pension, full salary and receive social security! look that up” A state pension, full salary and social security does not make a crook. Look that up!

      1. Double dipping should be a crime!
        There’s no reason why this should ever be allowed and it would never happen in the private sector. We shouldn’t have a defined benefit system either, it should be a defined contribution plan like the rest of us have. Pensions are a thing of the past and aren’t available to many except NYS employees.

        We just have brain dead Senators and Assembly members who couldn’t sponser an adequate bill to address this if their life depended on it. I’m talking specially about Klein, Oppenheimber, Latimer and Paulin, but they all got re-elected by landslides so who are the idiots?

      2. Well…..
        Outahea wrote: “However, I do know that Mr. Danielle himself hired a few New Rochelle PD employees as school security these are some of The“double dippers with one full time job and than another part time “That you refer to in your post”

        The New Rochelle employees that got hired include police, fire and other city workers. It’s called having a second job. Aren’t city employees entitled to work a second job? Of course they are, just like anyone else. I do not believe Mr. Daniele did the hiring himself though. Oh, and the police are limited, by law, on how many hours they can work a second job. All the more reason police officer’s deserve better pay.

  3. NRInfo=Wrong
    Check the public employee records. Mr. Daniele does not earn a 100K pension. As a matter of fact, there are no retired New Rochelle police officers anywhere near 100k in retirement pensions. As for the rest of the post, lets see some facts, not innuendo.

    1. Truth, Read Above
      Please read the above response; “Daniele’s friends can’t read”…. you qualify

  4. getting things right
    When will you ever get good information or even partial good information
    First off Koehler never needed to Take the Feb test so , guess what he never failed. He had passed in a previous test.
    Second Daniele is not doing anything but trying to keep school save and keeping Koehler is the right move. Everything is being done according to the law. You just like to grandstand with bad information because you have had it in for the district ever since your son got jammed up in high school. reporting is fine just get it right and stop getting your crap from all the haters.

    1. get it right / WRONG
      If you really want to get it right let’s level the playing field. There was a candidate that scored 100% on the February test who should have received the supervisor position. Whether Koehler is or isn’t a positive addition to the security staff is irrelevant. This is about three men in a room; this is about two retired cops with full pensions receiving $100,000 plus positions; this is about a retired cop, Daniele, changing the rules to feed his friend, Koehler a retired NYC cop, so they can feed together at the public trough that taxpayers have to stock. This is exactly why school taxes are so excessive and why they make up 80% of the total tax bill. Unfortunately this is the standard operating procedure in New Rochelle and the board of trustees is either compliant or ignorant. But don’t fear the school district will be huddling behind closed doors before the next school board meeting to devise a way to deny a hard working stiff who scored 100% on the civil service exam his right to promotion. Then they will devise a scheme whereby the school district can anoint Kohler to a no-show supervisory position of $100,000 plus on top of his state pension. It’s time for Lacher, Hastie, Petrone and company to wake up and smell the coffee.

    2. We can agree…
      …on one thing.

      I have had a FOIL request into the City of New Rochelle Clerk’s Office (Bennie Giles) or many months. Bennie has refused to provide the records related to the February test including the eligibility list.

      Bennie Giles is appointed by the City Council and Noam Bramsom controls the council and Noam appointed Dominic Procopio and has retained him even after Talk of the Sound demonstrated how he did not pay his full property taxes by taking illegal exemptions on 7 Pinebrook. Procopio was at the meeting yesterday with Organisciak and Danielle. That is some tangled web, right?

      I would very much like to have a copy of the eligibility list but I do not have it. To that extent you have a valid point that I do not actually KNOW who passed or did not pass the test. I only know (from a NYS doc) that 12 people passed, 4 of them were reachable and 3 of them were non-retirees. People have told me that Koehler did not pass the test given in February and that would be correct if he failed and/or if he did not take the test.

      For this reason, I want to rephrase or restate the issue so we can move beyond unknowns and get into knowable facts.

      The real issue is whether or not Koehler was on the eligibility list for the position of School Security Officer that was established on May 12, 2010.

      You seem to know all about this. So….was he on that list?

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