Operation Support Our Troops – A Holiday Success!

Written By: John D'Alois

December 5th brought hundreds of volunteers and contributors together to make the latest Care Package Drive a resounding success. Over 1200 boxes were filled with supplies and treats to help bring the homefront just a little bit closer to many servicemen and women who serve our Nation during this holiday season. Alongside the organized chaos of sorting and packing of the boxes, a cluster of tables provided adults and children alike a haven to express words of support and thanks as they happily filled out holiday cards and composed letters with a personal touch.

To be there was impressive as the seemingly endless stream of donations could only be rivaled by the good folks who made the time to make a difference. Watching the 2 trucks being filled and realizing how many lives were affected provided a testimonial to the power of the heart of the volunteer. A volunteer military backed by homegrown volunteer support. America at it’s finest.

For the past 4 years, the McFarlands and their army of volunteers have been reaching out to the troops to show support and appreciation for their service. Their support is unwavering and continues year round so visit the Operation Support Our Troops website and join them on facebook or follow them on twitter to be part of the next best thing to being home.They truly understand Semper Fi. Well done everybody, well done!

You can see some pictures of the days events HERE