Parking Wars Break Out in New Rochelle

Written By: Robert Cox


Two drivers fighting over a parking space in front of Cormondel restaurant on Division Street in downtown New Rochelle ended up in a rather awkward position with one vehicle backed up onto the hood of the other vehicle. No injuries were reported. Ironically, parking in the City lot at Avalon 2, just a few feet away from the parking space in question, is free during the holidays.








3 thoughts on “Parking Wars Break Out in New Rochelle”

  1. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!
    Come on , I know parking is getting tougher,
    but this is crazy .
    Let’s all just slow down a little and enjoy the holiday’s.

    Happy holiday’s to everyone…..

  2. I never said I was a good driver, I said I was a good parker
    “I only went in front first ’cause I could make it in front first and if
    you pull out I’ll show you!”

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