THE END IS NEAR: New Rochelle DPW Maintenance Building on Lockdown by DA

Written By: Robert Cox

DWP_DASearch.jpgThe Maintenance Building at the New Rochelle DPW City Yard at 224 Main Street has been put on lockdown/lockout by agents of the Westchester County District Attorney. As of 1 PM, no one is allowed in or out without being questioned.

The action is part of the ongoing investigation by the DA into allegations made against DPW Fleet Manager Richard Fevang whose office is in the building — a story first reported here on Talk of the Sound.

Westchester District Attorney Spokesman Lucien Chalfen has confirmed the DA has people at the location. They are executing a search warrant at this time. No arrests are expected today. Workers who have been questioned and released did not want to talk but did confirm the DA was in the building questioning workers. Woman from DA walked around building taking photos. 3 cars from DA parked out front.

Joseph Cotroneo who still listed as Acting DPW Commissioner in the City web site stood blocking the door.

News 12 just arrived.

News 12 just left.

It is damn cold out here. Someone bring me hot cocoa!!!

I got hot cocoa thanks to John D. The stakeout continues.

Got a ride into the City Yard, zipped through and took some pictures.

DA cars have left the scene. Spoke to one of the DA cops on the way out just to confirm they were done. Told the scene was secure. One source said they were taking out boxes.

Event ends – 4:44 PM

Statement from City Manager Chuck Strome: “the Investigation continues and we willl continue to cooperate.”





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