U.S. Census Bureau Reports Population Up 9.7% to 308,745,538; New York Loses 2 House Seats, New Rochelle Data in February

Written By: Robert Cox

The U.S. Census Bureau announced today that the 2010 Census showed the resident population of the United States on April 1, 2010, was 308,745,538. This is the first report from the U.S. Census Bureau on the 2010 Census Population Counts. The County and Local data is due out in early 2011, likely in the next 45 days according to sources at the U.S. Census Bureau.

Commerce Secretary Gary Locke presided as the Census Bureau announced that the resident population represented an increase of 9.7 percent over the 2000 U.S. resident population of 281,421,906.

New York State’s population increased by 2.1 percent to 19,378,102 people since 2000. New York still has the third highest population in the United States behind California (37,253,956) and Texas (25,145,561).

As expected, New York state will lose two congressional seats under reapportionment starting in 2013.

The Census Bureau did not yet publish the official 2010 figure at the municipal level. Based on the 2009 American Community Survey data for 2009, the City of New Rochelle grew an estimated 2.9% to 74,281 up 2,099 people from 72,182 in 2000 based on a 2009 projection of the 2010 data.