New Rochelle’s Finance Commissioner – Mr. Howard Rattner

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I recently met with Mr. Howard Rattner, the Finance Commissioner of New Rochelle, and asked him to comment on our taxes, and how it affects us as home-owners in this great city. I have always found the tax offices of New Rochelle to be most professional, accessible and if you click onto the video that follows this link , I think you will greatly enjoy Mr. Rattner’s comments.

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    1. Mr. Howard Rattner
      Hi – the link is working – if you click on my answer and appropriate link to you of 1/3. Stay warm today. Best, Gay

  1. Link doesn’t work
    Please be advised that the link does not work! I was looking forward to some stimulating hyperbole!

    1. My sincere apologies – I tried to correct it….
      Hi – my sincere apologies – I tried several times to correct it… I thought I was previewing and it inadvertently went through as published without the correct link… the CORRECT link is as follows

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