Full 2010 Month by Month Review of Noteworthy Stories on Talk of the Sound

Written By: Robert Cox


Developer of Major New Rochelle Project, Forest City Ratner, Bribed Yonkers Official Sexy Sandy Annabi, U.S. Attorney Charges
NRPD Data Shows “Serious Violent Incident Index” at New Rochelle High School Double Amount Reported to New York State
New Rochelle Resident Brutally Assaulted by Two Men Hiding in Bushes
New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce Names New Executive Director
Fourth Grader, Formerly of Ward and Trinity in New Rochelle, Shot and Killed in Mount Vernon
Dunkin’ Donuts Opens New Location in New Rochelle
ShopRite of New Rochelle Now Open
Craig King Will be Fondly Remembered
Brian O’Sullivan, 42, Leader of New Rochelle RELIG, Program Passes Away
New Rochelle Public School Misappropriates Haitian Relief Funds for Employee Plane Tix, Donates to Tennessee Religious Group
New Rochelle School District Encourages Illegal Charitable Solicitations at Ward Elementary School
Unprecedented Thirteenth Extension Given by New Rochelle City Council
New Rochelle Doctor Stabbed with Swiss Army Knife at Home on Kensington Oval Said to be “Clinging to Life”
City of New Rochelle Police Department Gang Member Location Map
More “Great Reporting” from Journal as New Rochelle Police Dispute Account of “Taser” Incident
Memorial Service for Former New Rochelle Police Officer Robert Haggerty on Friday
New Rochelle Councilman Barry Fertel Says “Serious Questions” about 14th LeCount MOU if no Kohl’s Deal by May
NYSED Testing Commissioner Keeps Kicking Can Down the Road — Still No Action on Cheating at New Rochelle High School
49th Anniversary of Lincoln School Desegregation Passes Unnoticed, Advent of 50th Anniversary
Dawns: Jan. 24, 1961

Lincoln School Desegregation Today (Part I): Early Gerrymandering
Lincoln School Desegregation Today (Part II): The Dodson Report
Lincoln School Desegregation Today (Part III): Frustration Grows
Lincoln School Desegregation Today (Part IV): Civil Disobedience
Lincoln School Desegregation Today (Part V): The Trial, Plaintiff’s Case
Lincoln School Desegregation Today (Part VI): The Defense Presents and Judge Kaufman Decides
Lincoln School Desegregation Today (Part VII): The Plans and the Ruling
Lincoln School Desegregation Today (Part VIII): Counting Seats to Present DayNew Rochelle Doctor Kidnapped, Forced to Treat Russian Gangster Exposed to Weapons Grade Uranium
Trump Tower NYSC Health Club Closed Due to Flooding, Ceiling Collapse
Veterans Groups, Monroe College and Forest City in Preliminary Discussions for Blockbuster Deal on New Rochelle Armory


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New Rochelle Board of Education Release Full Report from Independent Auditor
Unwilling to “Man Up” and Fire Procopio Himself, New Rochelle Mayor and Coward-in-Chief Noam Bramson Seeks to Amend City Charter
Mayor Bramson Tosses City Hall Staff Under the Bus, Excusing Phony “Combat Veteran” Exemptions for Domenic Procopio
New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan Gets a Warm Welcome at Downtown New Rochelle Catholic Church
Funeral Today for Sister Miriam, former Director of New Rochelle Office of the Aging
New Rochelle Hires New Commissioner of Development, Michael Freimuth from City of Stamford, CT
Frank Pasquale, Former Elected Official from New Rochelle, Gets 6 Year Sentence in Connecticut Sex Sting
New York State Education Department Launches Probe of New Rochelle High School Regents Exam Scoring
New Rochelle Public Library Board Slams Journal News Story on Surveillance Cameras as Misleading, Wrong and Unfounded
Police Records Show Steady Increase in “Disruptive Behavior” at New Rochelle Public Library since 2007
New York State Audit Show Eye Surgery Center of Westchester Inflated Billings by $115,934, Fined $5,000
Download Page for XXX-Rated Tour of NRPD P.A.C.T. Unit Officers PFFL Web site
XXX-Rated Video of NRPD P.A.C.T. Unit Officers PFFL Web site
New Rochelle Commissioner Turns Blind-Eye to “Gangster Mentality” in Police Department’s High-Stakes Fantasy Football
City of New Rochelle Has “No Comment” on XXX-Rated P.F.F.L. Web Site Published by Current and Former NRPD Officers

MARCH 2010

Reason to Celebrate: City of New Rochelle Launches New Web Site!!!
New Rochelle Public School Misappropriates Haitian Relief Funds for Employee Plane Tix, Donates to Tennessee Religious Group
Kohls’ Deal Dead? Majority Owner of New Roc City Sues Capelli, 102 Days Since New Rochelle Council Told Deal Would Be Signed
New Rochelle Police Officer Arrested for DWI, Fleeing the Scene of an Accident
New Rochelle to Eliminate “Yellow Bus” Transportation for Private and Parochial 6th Graders
Longtime New Rochelle Bar Owner Frank McKeirnan Passes Away
New Rochelle City Manager Strome Plans to Rehire Three Community Service Officers Fired in December 2009
New Ro HS Graduation Rate is 66% or less
Townhouse of New Rochelle Child Porn Suspect Looks Directly onto Webster School Playground
New Rochelle Man Arrested on Child Porn, Weapons Charges After Raid Near Webster Magnet School; Brother of Convicted Sex Offender
Is Mayor Bramson Abusing the Reverse 911 Service for Political Purposes?
New Rochelle Schools Transportation Manager Arrested for Drunk Driving, Drugs Found in Vehicle
New Rochelle Police Arrest Four in front of Convenience Store at Horton Avenue and Brook Street
Channel 12 News “New Rochelle arrest sparks angry weekend mob” with Cellphone Video of Hartley House Arrest
IDA Set to Sneak Through “Payment Acceleration” Deal This Afternoon, Leaving $35 Million Avalon Windfall Untouched
Trend in “Bubble Gap” Narrows (Yay!); Actual “Bubble Gap” Grows (Boo!): Confused? Read On…
Former Iona College Student Accepts Settlement Deal in New Rochelle Police Brutality Case Involving “PFFL Officer”

APRIL 2010

Cops Disperse Large Crowd of Teens as Fights Break Out on Anderson Walkway and New Roc City in Downtown New Rochelle
Car Plunges 30 Feet onto Metro-North Tracks, Driver Survives, Rail Service Interrupted
New Rochelle Board of Education Authorizes Vote on Budget, 2% Cut, 75 Job Cuts, 3.8% Projected Tax Increase
An Eyewitness Account of the Trinity PTA Meeting Where Richard Organisciak Lied About Downtown Student Enrollment
All Three Declared Candidates for May Election are “North Enders”
Longtime Webster School Custodian Kevin Crutchfield Dies
City of New Rochelle, Strapped for Cash, Plans to Reduce Garbage Collection to One Day a Week
Team of Burglars Plague North End of New Rochelle; 21 Burglaries, 4 Attempted in Past Six Months
New Rochelle “Murder for Hire” Case Grinds On in U.S. Court in White Plains, Grand Jury Indicts Piliero and Barone
Real Life Intrudes on New Rochelle’ Steroid Dealer Who Played Steroid Dealer Opposite Mickey Rourke in “The Wrestler”
Plea Deal in Death of New Rochelle Resident Amy Taylor, Louis Nardella, Jr. Sentenced 2-6 Years For Vehicular Manslaughter
Vito Costa Pleads Guilty on Charges over “No-Show” Job at City School District of New Rochelle, No Charges Against Supervisors
Domenic Procopio, Stripped of Formal Power, Continues to Market Infamous “Combat Vet” House at 7 Pinebrook Road
New Rochelle City Council Votes Unanimously to Approve Proposed Changes to Downtown Parking
Tentative List of Location of Surveillance Cameras in New Rochelle Breaks 19 to 1, South v. North
Davis School on Lockdown, Man in Fatigues, Flack Jacket Triggers Alert
All About ICLEI: Part VII – Sustained Development”.
All About ICLEI: Part VI – Anthropogenic Global Warming
All About ICLEI: Part V – Placing New Rochelle Under United Nations Mandates
All About ICLEI: Part IV – United Nations Economic and Social Council & Agenda 21
All About ICLEI: Part III – The Five Milestones for Climate Mitigation
All About ICLEI: Part II – The ICLEI Pilot Program
All About ICLEI: Part I – The Mayor’s Speech
All About ICLEI – A Seven Part Series on the Radical Group Behind “GreenNR”
City of New Rochelle Estimates 10% of New Rochelle Residents Do Not Speak English
Mayor Bramson Announces Highly Invasive GreeNR “Sustained Development” Plan for New Rochelle
What America Should Share with the World: Justice Holmes’ Dissent in Abrams v. United States and the Marketplace of Ideas
Green R Presentation to New Rochelle City Council in Four Parts
Yonkers Tribune Reporting Capelli Has Signed Lease with Kohl’s, Target May Follow in May
EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS & VIDEO: Car Bomb Detonates on Union Avenue in New Rochelle – UPDATED, MORE PHOTOS/VIDEOS
Who is Deborah Newborn and Why Did New Rochelle Really “Hire” a Sustainability Coordinator?

MAY 2010

Journal News Reports on Biggest Tax Delinquents in New Rochelle; Greentree Still Among Top 3
Former Iona College Coach “Resigns” After DWI Arrest in Long Island
Two More Attempted North End Burglaries Round Out Month of April
Why Doesn’t School Board Candidate Jerome Smith Take a STAR Exemption on His Declared New Rochelle Residence?
2010 Budget Discussion Meeting for New Rochelle Board of Education; Why I Will Vote “Yes” on the Budget
Jewish Parochial School Families Organize to Defeat Budget with Inequitable Transportation Cuts
Brother Leto Says Farewell to Hendricken, Prepares to Take Helm at Iona Prep
The Mystery of the Primary Residence of New Rochelle School Board Candidate Jerome Smith or “Where in the World is Jerome?”
Dogs Not Barking in New Rochelle Green R Plan
Off-Duty New Rochelle Police Officer Dies Unexpectedly
New Rochelle School & Library Budget Passes; Jerome Smith Ousted as Merchant, Orellana Push Incumbent Aside
Another New Rochelle Buildings and Ground Employee Arrested — Rasool Hassan Williams Fatally Shot Ohio Man Five Times
JN reports HUD Audit Shows New Rochelle Housing Agency Misused Federal Funds
Man Jumps from I-95 Overpass in New Rochelle Lands Head First and Survives (UPDATED)

JUNE 2010

New Rochelle Stone Contractor Facing Five Years in Federal Prison After Pleading Guilty to Tax Fraud and Bid-Rigging
City Council to Consider Proposal to Televise Planning Board, Board of Appeals on Zoning, and the Industrial Development Agency
New Rochelle High School JV Cheerleading Ranked 2nd in the Nation
With Break -Even Point Nowhere in Sight, Report on New Rochelle’s Green Garbage Truck Raises Doubts About Bramson Plan
New Rochelle City Council Goes Dark as Louis Capelli Arrives at City Hall to Beg for 14th Amendment to LeCount Square M.O.U.
Entertainment Properties Trust Grossly Misrepresented New Roc Deal to Wall Street Analysts Says Capelli, Demands Retraction
JN: Retired or Working, Part-Time City Council Members, Family and Spouses Get Free, Full-Time Taxpayer-Funded Health Insurance
Danny Grosso, “Mr. Boys Club” dies at the age of 95
Regan Leaving; Wards Elementary School Principal Vacancy for Fall 2010 Posted
Settle All Claims with EPT; Definitive Agreements Still in Negotiations
Why Is New Rochelle Paying Over $100,000 for Guards to “Cross” Invisible Students?
Long Steady Decline of New Rochelle Schools Continues as Newsweek Drops High School from Annual Survey
Lack of Code Enforcement by New Rochelle Turns Home Depot into Illegal Truck Stop & Limo Holding Pen
Truck 54 Where Are You? BramsonMobile Going Back to Long Island for Repairs
Capelli and EPT Settle All Claims
Shootout at the Home Depot Corral: Coach Buses from Surf Club Event Booted by Towing Company
New York State Comptroller Rips New Rochelle IDA in Audit Due Out Next Month
18 Wheelers Parked Illegally at Home Depot in New Rochelle (Again)
Journal News Expands on Talk of the Sound Crossing Guard Story
New Rochelle Buildings Department Crackdown on Home Depot Parking Takes Hold
County District 10 Election Results: Marcotte Wins, Varian Vows “I’ll Be Back”
Taxpayer Backlash Against New Rochelle Grows; Idle Crossing Guards Demand Pay for No Work
Mayor Excuses IDA Audit by Comparing New Rochelle to Yonkers Where DOJ Investigates Bramson-Linked Developer
TORA! TORA! TORA!: Mayor Launches Pearl Harbor Style Sneak Attack on New Rochelle Armory with Midnight Legislation in Albany
Veterans Groups React to Bramson Sneak Attack on New Rochelle Armory , “Shocked” and “Wounded”
MAJOR TRAFFIC COLLISION ON I-95: Interstate Closed for Hours Due to Police Investigation
Motion Denied: Court Rules Against Cappelli in LeCount Square Case at 5 Anderson
New Rochelle Guilty, Federal Jury Awards Whistleblower $181,000 over Allegations of Ticket-Fixing & Drug Dealing at Courthouse
MAYOR BRAMSON’S “PEARL HARBOR” LETTER: “…the parcel known as the New Rochelle Armory site”
Cynthia Lobo Sworn in as President of New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce
Home Rule Armory Bill “Dead for 2010”

JULY 2010

Sentencing in Delazzero Federal Tax Fraud and Bid-Rigging Case Delayed Until August
BramsonMobile Electrical System Repaired, Still Headed Back to Long Island
Mount Vernon Firefighter Found Early Tonight in Long Island Sound
New Rochelle Police Department Crushes North End Burglary Spree
New York State University System Hires Convicted Felon Vito Costa Weeks after Pleading Guilty to Theft in New Rochelle
The Armory Series – Proving How the City of New Rochelle Failed to Comply With the State Mandated Deed Restrictions
Best of Westchester Winners: 2010
In New Rochelle, Even the Lemonade Stands Showing Signs of “Double-Dip” Recession
Journal News “Asks”: Why No Investigation of Corruption Claims at New Rochelle Courthouse?
SUNY College of Optometry Confirms, Vito Costa No Longer Employed by State University of New York
The Bestchester 2010 – Westchester Magazine Gala Overwhelms
United Water Gets Rate Increase
New Rochelle Police Chase Three, Capture One Suspect in North End Home Invasion
Theodore Wilson, New Rochelle Resident, Dies in Pennsylvania Skydiving Accident
Only Witness to Drowning of Mount Vernon Fireman Arrested in Rockland County for Looting Home of Motorcyclist Killed Friday
Full Day Kaleidoscope Racial/Ethnic Composition: It Just Doesn’t Add Up…
New Rochelle Armory Presentation to City Council by Save Our Armory Committee
Almost 40% of New Rochelle HS Students Do Not Graduate on Time
Brief But Powerful, Storm Rips New Rochelle, 1 Missing, Presumed Drowned off Premium Point; Send Us Your Storm Damage Pix
New Rochelle Police Increasingly Confident Forest Avenue Suspects Responsible for Months-Long North End Burglary Spree
For Want of $1,100, New Rochelle Scuba Unit Out of Action in Two Recent Water Rescue and Recovery Searches
New Rochelle Board of Ed Meets Tonight in a Further Attempt to Whitewash Collapsing Graduation Rates for Blacks and Latinos
With Clock Ticking, Capelli to Appear Before Special Meeting of Municipal Arts Council in Last Ditch Effort to Save LeCount MOU
Jeffrey Coleman, New Rochelle DPW Commissioner Resigns, Leaving Effective August 31st
Woman Who Reported Drowned Mount Vernon Firefighter Missing Indicted Along with Boyfriend in Rockland County on Burglary Charges
Reality Bites: Shock Ripples Across New York State Educational Establishment as Test Scores Plummet
Buckets of Whitewash at the Ready, New Rochelle IDA to Review Scathing Comptroller Report Tonight
Municipal Arts Commission Greenlights Capelli Improvements at 5 Anderson; Apicella Portrays Capelli as Victim of Area Blight
New Rochelle IDA Executive Director Schulman Removed in Wake of Daming Comptroller Audit of City Agency
New Rochelle IDA Chair Marianne Sussman Disputes Talk of the Sound Report on IDA Staffing Changes, Calls Article “Defamatory”
Republicans on City Council Request Home Rule Bill on New Rochelle IDA
As City Council Votes to Approve 14th MOU for LeCount, Bramson Challenges Capelli to “Put Up or Shut Up”
As MOU Deadline Looms, All Quiet at 5 Anderson
Anthony Piliero “Not Guilty” in New Rochelle Murder-for-Hire Case
New Rochelle Harbor Police Recover Body of Missing Sailing Student


LeCount Square MOU with Capelli Expires, Ending Sad Chapter in New Rochelle’s Downtown Development Plans
Entertainment Properties Trust Reports on Capelli Settlement to Investors in Second Quarter Earnings Report
Universal Condemnation of United Water at PSC Hearing
House Fire on Elk Avenue Sparks “All Hands” Call for New Rochelle Fire Department
Anthony Cannone, Legendary Owner of Cannone’s Pizza, Has Died
University of Virginia Revokes Doctorate of Former New Rochelle Assistant Superintendent Fred Smith
Latimer Refers New Rochelle IDA Home Rule Request to Legislative Bill Drafting Commission in Albany
Progress? Cappelli Staffers Measuring Windows at 5 Anderson
On WVOX, Bob Marrone Asks New Rochelle Mayor Bramson About 7/31 Deadline of LeCount MOU Extension
Still No Window Coverings: Someone is Not Telling the Truth on 5 Anderson
An Open Letter to Marianne Sussman, Chairperson of the New Rochelle IDA and City Council Member
New Rochelle Board of Education Approves “Certified” Graduation at New Rochelle High School for June 2011
City Council Member James Stowe Dies Unexpectedly; New Rochelle Mourns Respected Community Leader
New Rochelle Board of Education “Solves” Declining Minority Graduation Rates the Old Fashioned Way — Ignoring Them
New Rochelle Math and ELA Test Scores Collapse as State Revamps Tests, Raises Cut Scores
Cappelli Announces Contract to Sell Marriott Residence Inn in New Rochelle to Chatham Lodging Trust
Cappelli Sells Marriott Residence Inn at New Roc City to Florida-based REIT for $21 Million
New Rochelle Train Station Bathrooms a Disgrace
New Rochelle City Manager Announces Special Election in November for Stowe’s District 3 Seat
Remembered by Friends, Family, Colleagues as a True Gentleman
Fred Smith Fired Again, Former New Rochelle Asst. Superintendent Lied About UVA Doctorate
New Rochelle Building Inspector Pleads Guilty to DWI; John Caldararo Arrested with Blood Alcohol Level Five Times Legal Limit
Demolition of Bell Tower – Photos
The Sad Tale of Jesse Wasserman, New Rochelle’s Central Park Bandit
Remembrance of New Rochelle City Councilman James Stowe
Postal Service Prepared to Negotiate Sale of New Rochelle Facility but Has Not Heard from Embattled Developer in Months
Westchester Magazine Calls New Rochelle Poster Child for Abandoned Hopes for Urban Revitalization
Bramson Spills on New Rochelle Dems’ District 3 Machinations: Prefers Blocking Representation for “Black Opportunity District”
New Rochelle Mayor Bramson Announces New “Deadline” for Cappelli’s LeCount Square MOU; Indemnification of City Squandered
Finally! 6 Days After MOU Expires, First Window Coverings Installed
Please Don’t Feed the Panhandlers
“The Enduring Mystery of the Huguenot Hills” or “Ever Notice Something Odd About Those Condos Across from Salesian”
Teca’s Tacos Terror
Talk of the Sound TV: The Mystery of Huguenot Hills
Email Records Show City Manager and Development Commissioner Blessed Capelli MOU Three Weeks Ago
GOP New Rochelle Council Members Call for Special September Meeting to Appoint Pearl Quarles to Fill District 3 Seat
New Principals for Ward and Jefferson
Fuddled Father Flies From Forest into Forest
In 2006, New Rochelle City Officials Improperly Granted Certificates of Occupancy for 3 Buildings at Huguenot Hills


HAPPY BIRTHDAY: New Rochelle’s Talk of the Sound Turns Two
Democrats Reverse Course, Propose Stowe Widow to Fill District 3 Seat to Year End
New Rochelle Republicans Slam Dems over Roxy Stowe Nomination: “Jim Crowe” Tactics, Exploiting Grieving Widow, Political Stunt
Roxie Stowe & New Rochelle Democrats Call GOP Statement Offensive and Misleading; Invoke Memory of Slain Civil Rights Activists
WELCOME BACK, DONNA: New Rochelle Board of Education Rewards Sexting Security Staffer with More Pay, Better Hours
New Rochelle School District Declines Talk of the Sound Request to Remove Illegal Ban and FOIL policies, No Press Releases
Graduation at NRHS is now Certified!
New Rochelle Board of Education Continues to Tolerate Overtly Racist Employees
Former New Rochelle District 3 Council Member Bea Brown Failed to Return Funds Raised to Benefit New Rochelle Citizen Corps
Westchester DA Investigating New Rochelle Department of Public Works over Falsified Billing Records
High Drama on New Rochelle City Council as GOP Flips, 6-0 Vote for Widow Stowe
Murder in Broad Daylight at 270 North Avenue Claims Life of 23 Year Old Man in Downtown New Rochelle
Brother John G. Driscoll, Who Served as Iona College’s Sixth President, Dies
Lightening Strikes Cross on New Rochelle Church Steeple, Sparks Fire UPDATED WITH VIDEO
New Rochelle Police Department Raid “Marijuana Farm” in Nature Study Woods
More Isolated Incidents in New Rochelle Today; Drive-By Shooting in West End, Savage Beating on Main Street
New Rochelle Drive-by Shooting “Victims” Not So Innocent; Arrest Made in Robbery of Bronx Drug Dealer
Bluebird Taxi Driver Robbed at Knifepoint After Picking Up Fare at New Rochelle Train Station
“Sick of Noam? Vote Parente” T-Shirts for Sale
Open Planning Meeting for 50th Anniversary of Lincoln School Decision Monday Night at City Hall 6 PM
New Rochelle Marine Disputes Defenders of ‘Ground Zero’ Mosque in New York City
New Rochelle Patch Doubles-Down, Denies Plagiarism of Talk of the Sound
AOL Patch Debuts New Rochelle Operation by Plagiarizing From Talk of the Sound
New Rochelle Police Swarm North Avenue Retail Stores After Wave of Counterfeit Bills Hit the Streets – UPDATED
Meet Geeta Singh: New Rochelle “Resident” and School Security Guard from Bronx, NY
AOL Statement: Regarding the mug shot issue with New Rochelle Patch
New Rochelle Patch Removes Murder Mug Shot Images Lifted Talk of the Sound


Net Closes on Fevang as District Attorney’s Office Schedules Meetings with New Rochelle DPW Employees
Iona College Remembers Gatetano “Tony” Cannone
United Water Responds to Meter Dispute by Illegally Seizing Billing Records from New Rochelle Building Owner
Iona College Launches Polling Center with Surveys on 4 Key Races in Westchester County
AOL Patch Replaces New Rochelle Editor at Heart of Talk of the Sound Mug Shot Controversy
10/10/10 Project – A Day in the Life of New Rochelle
Westchester Magazine Ranks New Rochelle #22 in the County
City Council Meeting: New Rochelle Socked with $2.5mm Increase in Pension Funding Costs by State of New York
New Rochelle NAACP Candidates Forum – New Rochelle City Judge: Susan Kettner v. Cynthia Lobo (VIDEOS)
Westchester District Attorney Hands Up Indictment in New Rochelle Daytime Stabbing
Fire at New Rochelle Hospital Destroys Boiler Building, No Injuries UPDATED WITH VIDEO
Autopsy Concludes Mount Vernon Firefighter James Drago Drunk and High on PCP Prior to Drowning in New Rochelle Waters
Iona College Fires Two Employees After Uncovering $800,000 Decade-Long Embezzlement Scheme
New Rochelle Fire Department Manages Mob Inside Spectators Bar on North Avenue


Demonstration of New Optical Scan Voting Machines at New Rochelle City Hall
Mystery Man Revealed: City Council Member Lou Trangucci Steps Forward as Catalyst for DA Investigation of New Rochelle DPW
Early Returns Show Rice over Parente, Kettner over Lobo
More Shots Fired at Hartley House in New Rochelle
Make Way for CVS in Downtown New Rochelle
New Rochelle Barnard School Principal Waits Hours to Notify Police of Intruder; Parents Told Man In Building Was Outside
Parent Enters Columbus School, Assaults Teacher in Classroom, Terrifying Students
New Rochelle Reporter Aman Ali Leaves Journal News
In Yet Another Gun Incident, New Rochelle Taxi Driver Flees After Being Threatened with Rifle
Barnard Parents in Uproar over Intruder Incident as District Lies Mount
New Rochelle Fire Department Response to Carbon Monoxide Call Finds Illegal Apartments, Faulty Detectors, Very High Levels of CO
Decapitated Goat Head, Mutilated Chicken Heads Found at Glenwood Lake Park in New Rochelle; Second Incident in a Week
Beheaded Sheep Found in Ward Acres Park in New Rochelle, Police Seek Connection to Sheep Sex Assault in Yonkers
Fire at 43 Bayard Street in New Rochelle
North End Homeowner Who Turned His Home into a Hotel Facing Stiff Sanctions from New Rochelle Building Department
New Rochelle Thanksgiving Parade Returns After Two Year Absence
Greg Maker Offers a Hazy Trip Down New Rochelle’s Memory Lane


Key Milestone for Talk of the Sound — First Ever in Top 10 Ranking in Google for “New Rochelle”
Talk of the Sound Radio Podcasts Now Available in Apple iTunes Store
JUSTICE: Board of Education Tables Illegal “Rolf Koehler” Resolution After Rare Two Hour Executive Session
Four-Year Old Child, Student at Barnard School, Dies from Flu-Related Complications
Sister Susie Arrested, U.S. Attorney Charges Former Iona College VP of Finance in $1.2 Million Embezzlement
Roundup on Iona College Dorm Proposal in New Rochelle
Going, Going, Gone as Nelstad Materials of New Rochelle Sold for Parts
THE END IS NEAR: New Rochelle DPW Maintenance Building on Lockdown by DA
Parking Wars Break Out in New Rochelle
After 60 Years as Westchester’s Toy Store, Big Top Coming Down For Good in New Rochelle
BULLY: Is AOL Patch New Rochelle Capable of Honest Reporting? The Answer Appears to be “No”
One Example of Many as to Why New Rochelle City Clerk Bennie Giles Must Be Sent to Remedial Freedom of Information Law Training
Four-Year Old Child, Student at Barnard School, Dies from Flu-Related Complications
New Rochelle Athletic Director Plagiarizes from New York Times Article in District Newsletter
New Rochelle Christmas Blizzard 2010
The Mystery of Lafayette Avenue: Snow Removal Queries Go Unresolved in New Rochelle’s West End
Cappelli LeCount Square Project Dead