Time to Reform the NR Civil Service Commission? Maybe Not

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I agree with Mr. Cox and others who point to problems in the NR Civil Service Commission. This body, which plays such an important role in the selection of city personnel, is comprised of closed minded, out-of-touch individuals. It fails to follow rule one when it comes to adopting laws or holding public meetings.

Moreover, its leader, Domenic Procopio, is only barely familiar with the english language and cannot remember if was a combat vet or not. He has no quarms about pocketing undeserved tax exemptions nor can anyone point to one qualification he has to run that commission.

But despite all the “talk” and and all the complaints, no one but myself and Robert Cox have done anything to resolve the issue. In fact, I gave people an opportunity to participate in a lawsuit against the commission and no one was the least bit interested. There has been no response from people like Councilman St. Paul or others on city council. Instead, for complaining about the NR CSC, I earned the ranks among the city’s most emtionally disturbed.

So which is it? Does this commission need to be reformed or not? Are they or aren’t they properly holding their meetings and adopting laws? Is Procopio incompetent or not? Seems like no one except for Mr. Cox and myself reached a conclusion on any of these matters yet. Therefore, it must be that the time is not right to bring reform to this commission and the status quo will continue.

2 thoughts on “Time to Reform the NR Civil Service Commission? Maybe Not”

  1. The problem is that we even
    The problem is that we even have this commisson. What a waste of money. How many more of these commissons are out there?

    1. Quite a few. But I don’t
      Quite a few. But I don’t think they are required by law. I agree with you–they do absolutely nothing and serve no real purpose in city like NR. Maybe in NYC they are needed, but not here.

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