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BHAG, really? What have we done lately!
Posted on February 11, 2011 by Incoming Tide

So what has Incoming Tide done lately….hmmmmm. Besides enjoying the New Year, we completed our first leg of the Spare Change Comedy Tour at Rangoli on Jan 29th. Comedians Amy, Paul, Edward and Brian performed to a nearly sold out audience that I’m certain had a glimmer of uncertain expectations in their eyes.

With the budding producer as host, I opened with a tattered performance from the King’s Speech – I was really that nervous. Then I came back to earth, determined that I’m not a comedian, and shared what was happening on the Incoming Tide, followed by introductions for the comedians. I fumbled a few lines and names so I think we will appoint a host for the Feb 18th show in Ossining, NY at Karma Lounge. Karma Lounge has great atmosphere, food and has the coolest lounge in Westchester.

Another high point was reached last week, where we held an informal reading of the play “Fold the Close” by Tabetha Xavier, an award winning Dartmouth playwright. Actors Rikki Woodlin, Philip Kenner, Jacob Williams and Victoria Uribe displayed awesome performances for an unrehearsed cold reading. Midway through the reading many audience members were definitely touched by the plays dialog, showing that Tabetha is directionally on point in theme and structure.

We’ve followed Tabetha from her days at Dartmouth, where she committed her talent to creating two award winning pieces, and engaging in several improv comedy shows. At the moment, Incoming Tide and Tabetha are discussing further developments for “Fold the Close” and tweaking a theatre option agreement. Stay tuned!

Ten months to go in 2011, and “The Year of the BHAG” is working. Our January and February entertainment proves that you’re able to Catch it on the Incoming Tide every month…that’s entertainment our style. Prepare yourselves for our major announcement coming soon. Hint: We have a venue, an arts consortium, all for you.

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