Pigs at the Trough

Written By: Deprecated User

There are some pigs at the high school that treat their own as garbage.
Due to the fact that most immigrants do not know their way around the system they do and say all kind of things to the immigrant population.They spoon feed them lies and treat them as garbage. Why? Because they know that they are not North End residents. They would never dare.
I just graduated and the way I saw some students treated and the lies were incredible.
2 of the pigs are Garcia and Barbosa who have become very good friends.Garcia treats and speaks to the students as if he were a dictator and everyone thinks he is the greatest. He brow beats the students and calls them all kinds of names, losers, idiots,etc. He is loud and intimidating. His boss and the principle think he is the greatest.
Barbosa treats the immigrant parents as idiots and says all kinds of things to them. “Lady get out of here and when your son decides to go to school come back” Would he do that to a north end resident? I don’t think so.If you are Columbian which he is then the story is different he treats them with kid gloves. It would be nice if Martin Sanchez would investigate.
Yet Mr. Rodriguez is the greatest teacher I have ever had. He is effective, nice, teaches well and treats everyone with respect. We need more people like him.Please help us immigrants we are ignorant. Educate us to our rights.