New Rochelle Civil Service Commission Does It Again

Written By: Deprecated User

The NR CSC, by state law, is required to notify the public prior to their meetings. The Commission must publically announce what time it will meet and where, and it must publish it’s agenda at least 3 days before the actual meeting. This is mandated by both civil service and the open meetings law. Further, the NYS Civil Service Commission recently advised the city CSC that they MUST comply with the open meetings law.

It is now February 13th. The only person who has been notified that the city CSC would meet was Robert Cox. At the end of the unannouced January 19th meeting of the CSC, Mr. Cox was told that the next meeting would be on February 16th. Where and a what time has yet to be disclosed as well as the commission’s agenda.

How is that this Commission can be told to something by the State and still go on to ignore it? How is that they can disregard the law and not be held accountable?

If they took half as much time obeying the laws pertaining to open meetings and the adoption of rules as they do to enforcing bogus residency requirements, they wouldn’t now be in path of an Article 78 proceeding.

Mayor Bramson called this Commission “professional.” Well, a government body that doesn’t obey local and state law hardly fits that bill. I would hope that the Mayor would explain how the word “professional” even remotely describes an organization that behaves in this fashion.