Message from Iona Prep President Leto on Jason Pryce, Iona Prep Class ’02

Written By: Talk of the Sound News

JasonPryceI thought it is best to give you an update with regard to Jason Pryce ’02 and our opportunity to help him obtain treatment in Houston, Texas. Late Friday evening we were told that Jason’s insurance company would cover the experimental treatment for carcinoid syndrome. Mrs. Pryce also told us that they needed to be in Texas as soon as possible. We booked the necessary flights, arranged for hotel rooms and a rental car within the hour.

Jason and Mrs. Pryce just left Iona Prep for a 12:30 pm flight to Texas where Jason will undergo tests this week and treatment next week. This is the first of four trips to Houston for Jason to receive the necessary treatments. Although the insurance company is paying for the treatment there are other ancillary costs that must be met. My thanks to all of you who have already sent in donations to the “Jason Fund.” If you have not had the opportunity to help, we are still accepting donations. Jason has a long road ahead of him and Iona Prep will be sure to walk along with him. We have committed to help with all expenses that come along with his treatment. Wednesday we will hold our dress down day and later in the week our Student Faculty Council will host a student dance – all proceeds will go to the Jason Fund. Please click the links below to access the story from News 12 and learn more about Jason Pryce ’02.

Click here to see the video about Jason from News 12 at

Click here to see my interview from yesterday about Jason at

I ask you to continue your prayers for Jason’s successful treatment and a full cure. Once again, thank you.

God bless,

Bro. Thomas R. Leto
Iona Preparatory School