Union Baptist Church Cleanup Begins as Fire Still Smolders in Downtown New Rochelle

Written By: Robert Cox

City of New Rochelle Statement this morning:

Dismantling of the gable ends began around 6:30 this morning. Engineers from Church and Monroe College are directing the project, City is liaising with both. Main Street Eastbound between North and Franklin Avenues remain closed. There are still hot spots in basement. Fire services have been pulled off scene but are closely monitoring conditions.

From Buildings official Paul Vacca and Fire Commissioner Raymond Kiernan this evening:

The front wall is stabilized, and the side wall was worked on until dark. Work will resume tomorrow.(The stones are being dropped inside the church.)

There are still hot spots that need to be addressed. Tomorrow, an excavator will be brought in through the rear of the church near the old rectory to move/remove smoldering debris. In preparation, ConEd was on site today to wrap overhead wires.

Main Street remains closed tonight eastbound between North and Franklin Avenues. It is hoped that one lane will reopen tomorrow.

Slideshow Photo Credit: Jen Parente