New Rochelle Police Investigating Death Threat Against Talk of the Sound Editor at School District Yard at 47 Cliff Street

Written By: Talk of the Sound News

New Rochelle Police are investigating a death threat against Robert Cox, Managing Editor of Talk of the Sound. A message in large orange block letters was found early Saturday morning painted on the hull of a boat parked on a trailer in the New Rochelle School District Yard at 47 Cliff Street. The boat was the subject of a recent article on Talk of the Sound. The message reads “BOB COX SLEEPS WITH THE FISH”. The words were placed next to a decal of a black skull and bones silhouette.

The phrase sleeps with the fishes is a line from the first Godfather movie. It means killed, murdered brutally, or put to death by force.

The death threat appears to be in response to an investigation of the School District Yard by Talk of the Sound on February 4th and published in an article on the site on February 10th: Surprise Visit to New Rochelle School District Yard at 47 Cliff Street Raises Numerous Questions

The message on the boat was observed by Robert Cox and a Talk of the Sound contributor at 12:54 AM on Saturday February 19th. Cox returned home and called New Rochelle police at 1:16 AM and filed a report with an officer responding to his home. A second officer went to 47 Cliff Street, observed the message and requested a camera to the scene. Police are treating the matter as a harassment case.

The boat was photographed by Talk of the Sound on February 4th and a photograph of the boat was published by Talk of the Sound on February 10th.


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6 thoughts on “New Rochelle Police Investigating Death Threat Against Talk of the Sound Editor at School District Yard at 47 Cliff Street”

  1. Mr cox I found out more
    Mr cox I found out more shocking info. First the boat in the B.O.E. Yard belongs to Jim Bonanno which by now I’am shore  you are aware. But why does mr Bonanno bring all his fleet of BOE vehicles to John Balascio of  new Rochelle truck repair (12 beachwood ave) also a long time friend of mr Bonanno . All other BOE vehicles get repaired at city yard or crisis diagnostic (46 E main st). I wonder if Bonanno is friends with   Richard Fevang from the city garage.looks like they both have a lot in common. When is the DA going to the BOE building at cliff street ?       

  2. Suspects
    Everyone who has authorization to this NRED property is now a suspect. All should be questioned. Who is in charged of this site? Are there any cameras there? Who is the owner of this boat? It was previously identified as being “parked” on this property which is the possession of NRED (I don’t know if they own it or lease it)? Is the owner of the boat upset that it has graffitti? Any comment from the Board of Education?

  3. If your receiving flak, you must be over the target!
    Some folks must be getting pretty nervous as the truth is becoming exposed. Just a few thoughts for the “artist” to consider;

    How many people observed this person from their window as they walked to and from the boat on the night it happened?

    Familiar clothing?

    The handwriting alone has a bunch of clues for those who know what to look for.

    Who has been most affected by the exposing of criminal behavior?

    People talk – you’ve already told someone about your antics.

    Criminals get caught, from simple graffitti to Bernie Madoff, they always leave clues, they eventually get caught, hopefully by the police.

  4. could this be one of dick
    could this be one of dick fevang’s boat’s? lol

    don’t worry about it bob, its just somebody being an idiot, if they wanted you wacked they wouldn’t broadcast it, they would just do it.

  5. Uncomfortable silence…
    Possible explanations:

    1. Someone trying to be cute but getting themselves in trouble in the process – not so scary

    2. The Criminal Enterprise has spoken and is sending a clear message to all who may attempt to challenge their operations in New Rochelle – a bit more scary

    Either way, why is the message being left on space leased by City School District of New Rochelle Board of Education for all to see? When was it posted? Why is it that Bob Cox has to report it to the Police? Who else saw it before Bob Cox? Why does the Board of Education need a boat?

    Things to consider: Recent history around the world has taught us that the Power of the People can topple organized crime even when it takes the form of Government.

    1. Just another tough guy!!!
      Just another tough guy in New Rochelle.

      Bob, if they were anyone to worry about, they would not be advertising..

      The New Rochelle tough guy”s are only tough when they are in a pack.

      Get them alone…. and they are nobody’s!!!!

      And don’t forget !! Revenge is best served cold.

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