Spectator’s Pub and Coach Darren Gurney – A Great Success!

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Anyone who visited the Spectator’s Pub on Saturday to see Coach Darren Gurney had a great time….


New Rochelle is GREAT!

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4 thoughts on “Spectator’s Pub and Coach Darren Gurney – A Great Success!”

    1. Spectator’s Pub
      Hi Kyle- the atmosphere was warm, and in seeing so many past friends/acquaintances, it was a wonderful reunion – all toasting and sharing in Coach Gurney’s new book. I thought the site was perfect – a great play on words and symbolic.. Have a great one! Gay

  1. anderson street
    Was anyone mugged from the walkway next door. I see spectators has put up cameras on the outside of there building? Wonder why? Now maybe if they have mics they will know how much noise comes from there place and the anderson street walkway.

    1. Spectator’s Pub
      Hi- eye on new roc – isn’t it wonderful that someone has placed cameras there? I am so impressed with great Britain in having cameras everywhere.. it helped track down terrorists, and essential int today’s world. Bravo to whoever installed them! Best, Gay

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