County Police Chase Suspect Near Mount Vernon/New Rochelle Board, Helicopter on Scene

Written By: Robert Cox

WCPChaseA male Hispanic fled a traffic stop on the Cross-County Parkway near New Rochelle Road and is being chased by over 40 police cars from multiple jurisdictions. The search area is in Mount Vernon and Eastchester. K-9 units have been deployed. A WCP helicopter is over the area, visible from New Rochelle.

Large quantity of narcotics found in car.

Command Post set up at Mount Vernon High School.

Suspect last scene moving through backyards in direction of Eastchester and Tuckahoe. Dog going that way near 35 Colonial.

2 helicopters up. 40 cop cars in the area. Police from WCDP, Eastchester, Mount Vernon, Bronxville and New Rochelle involved.

Tracks leading into house at 18 Hilltop. House surrounded.

Guy running out, caught, arrested.

WCPD asked us not to publish the names but the Journal News has gone ahead and done that so we provide additional details here:

Found in the car: 18,000 glassine envelopes of heroin (est. value $100,000), $17,000 in cash

Lance R. Baptiste (age 32)
55 Congress Avenue
Waterbury, CT

Eddie Torres (age 25)
2391 Davidson Avenue
Bronx, NY

The chase began around 2:30 PM. Chase ended around 3:15 PM.

Torres is the suspect who ran from the car after the car was stopped by WCPD on the Hutch near New Rochelle Road Exit. The car was stopped doing 70 mph in a 50 mph zone.

Officers learned that Baptiste had an outstanding warrant. When they went to arrest Baptiste, Torres took off running in the direction of Mount Vernon High School. Torres tried to hide in a window well at the house at 18 Hilltop. He did not enter the house. When he ran away from the house he ran straight into a gauntlet of police which had surrounded the house.

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