New Rochelle Sound & Town Reports on Cliff Street Death Threat Issue

Written By: Robert Cox

DeathThreat1Greg Maker has an article up on the New Rochelle Sound & Town: New Ro blogger receives apparent threat. Maker interviewed me for the article which quotes me:

“I think if it said [City Manager] Chuck Strome or [Mayor] Noam Bramson on it, it would be investigated,” Cox said. “If there was a swastika instead of a skull and cross bones they would have investigated it. Quite frankly they would have investigated it if it was anybody but me.”


“My first thought when I saw it was ‘My God. How stupid can these guys be?’” Cox said. “In my opinion I believe that owner of the boat wrote it. It is unlikely that an employee would write something like that on his boss’s boat.”

Read the entire article here.

4 thoughts on “New Rochelle Sound & Town Reports on Cliff Street Death Threat Issue”

  1. Out of control
    Can you believe the bosses son who also is a  BOE employe wrote the message on the boat.I bet his dad must be proud.Lol

    1. Thanks!
      And who is the bosses son?

      And when did it happen? What day and was it on BoE time?

  2. you are 100% correct, if it
    you are 100% correct, if it were a swastika, the north end would be on lockdown, and it would be a federal case. but because you reported about a stupid fantasy football league, they wont lift a finger. this city is a joke.

    1. So true,
      If the “right” people were involved here, this would be a federal case and the NRPD would be bragging about how swiftly they wold make an arrest.

      But because Bob Cox was involved–an advocate for NR residents–it gets dismissed as a harmless prank.

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