Teaching Assistant at New Rochelle’s Isaac E. Young Middle School Not Punished After Cursing Out a Student, Choking a Teacher

Written By: Robert Cox

IsaacYoungKim Scott, a Teaching Assistant who works in the computer lab at Isaac E. Young Middle School in New Rochelle, frustrated over the behavior of a group of special education students in the lab, allegedly cursed out one of the students and attacked their teacher.

“You’re going to get your fuckin’ ass kicked”, Scott is said to have threatened to one student, according to sources familiar with the incident.

Scott put her hands around the neck of Deanna Basile, a Special Education teacher, choking her, these same sources confirmed. Scott later claimed she was just “playing”.

Scott is black; Basile is white. Some have suggested the handling of the incident is a form of racial bias. They claim that school’s Assistant Principal Tawanda Gerald Robinson, who is black, has sought to cover up the incident to protect Scott. Multiple sources have confirmed that a letter was placed in Scott’s file but no further action was taken.

UPDATE: A person claiming to speak on behalf of Kim Scott tells Talk of the Sound she disputed the allegations made against her, that she did not choke anyone, and that she filed a counter-letter to the letter placed in her file by the school.


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7 thoughts on “Teaching Assistant at New Rochelle’s Isaac E. Young Middle School Not Punished After Cursing Out a Student, Choking a Teacher”

  1. Sounds to familiar,
    about a

    Sounds to familiar,
    about a month ago a laborer from NRHS pushed a teacher & threaten a principle he was suspended ¬†with pay and transferred to IEYMS where he now works in the same position. The BOE will probably promote him. just don’t get it ?

    1. Sounds like the Catholic Church!
      Which should give school officials pause

      Roman Catholic Church Official Charged with Abuse Cover Up Goes to Court in Philadelphia http://bit.ly/dYqbDe

      For the first time in the history of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States, a senior church official has appeared in court on criminal charges of covering up the activities of predator priests, as Monsignor William J. Lynn, vicar of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia from 1992 to 2004, three other priests and a Catholic school teacher appeared in a packed Philadelphia courtroom Monday.

      PS, I am a Catholic myself so let’s not have any posts about me bashing Catholics.

      1. once a hoodratt…always a hoodratt….
        this is what happens, when people who are uneducated,mentally unbalanced….and certainly not capable of being around children..are given any kind of authority.!!people like this,give minorities a real —– bad name!!next time you want to point your finger at someone,look in the mirror!1

      1. You wonder what race he was??
        You wonder what race he was?? Well I wonder why the race card always comes into play. I think it is ignorant and hurtful to make comments about individuals and their situations. Your response to Whistleblower was ignorant. Your comment about the two young boys was just plain stupid. What kind of person makes fun of how a teenage boy looks? Furthermore what did his looks have to do with anything? Before you respond to something ask yourself is it factual. Most comments on this blog are not facts….just gossip! I appreciate the fact that Mr. Cox tries to inform us of situations that would usually be swept under the rug. What I don’t appreciate is judgmental, racist people as yourself. Last time I checked God was my judge and yours too.

    2. I’d like to say that is the
      I’d like to say that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read so far but thanks to you and Coolbreeze I’m sure there will be more. I have nothing to say about this incident because I wasn’t there and either were you. Next time you feel the need to post gossip send Coolbreeze an email….the rest of us aren’t interested.

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