New Rochelle Police shorthanded

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As i listen to the police radio tonight i can tell all residents of this city you better be concerned for your safety.Multiple times tonight the dispatcher was looking for officers in service they had to hold calls for long periods of time and some calls were being held as long as 20 minutes before a officer was assigned to the call.The north end of New Rochelle should really be concerned because your sector cars were being told to come south and remain there most of the night. EXample sector 8 has to respond to 777 pelham road at 1:03am to a noise complaint that was held for at least 15 minutes before the dispatcher could give out the call.For those of you who don’t know the sector 8 car patrols the north end of the city Sea cord road and up so the folks in the north end were left with one police car looking over your streets.I encourage all residents of the city of New Rochelle to go purchase a scanner at radio shack or some other electronic store and listen to the police department you will be amazed at what you will hear.

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  1. Does New Rochelle need more
    Does New Rochelle need more police officers? how short manned are they?

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