Alternate Side Parking Enforcement Resumes April 1

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Watch out folks now that winter is over (ha ha)alternate side enforcement resumes tomorrow across the city.For the last 3 months the city did not enforce alternate side parking due to the cold weather and the fact the street sweepers do not work well in the cold weather.So starting April-1 alternate side parking resumes.

Alternate Side Enforcement Resumes April 1

Alternate side of the street parking restrictions will resume as of April 1 for those streets and
portions of streets subject to winter suspension from Jan. 1-March 31. A complete list can be found
online at

3 thoughts on “Alternate Side Parking Enforcement Resumes April 1”

  1. Dont Residents Deserve Parking Permit Stickers
    Alternate side Parking, not an issue- 1 Hour parking on top of it from 8-6pm?… That I have a problem with. I live on Brookside Place,the neighborhood that immediately surrounds Iona. Our blocks (with all due respect to Iona) serve as “the other parking lot” for the College. We have about 9 homes on our street that have NO driveways at all and most of them have more than 1 resident and more than one vehicle. It’s understandable that the City has parking rules and regulations but shouldn’t the tax paying residents who own property have the right to a sticker for their vehicle that Identifies them as a resident to override this moving our cars every hour to either side of the street? Do any other neightborhoods have the same complaint? This is my $25.00 question of the day.

  2. Alternate side parking enforcement resumes April 1
    With a massive inability to park in New Rochelle, now we’re going to have alternate side of the street parking enforcement. The revenue-generating agents will be busy – if it wasn’t for this blog, an untold number of NR residents would be making unsolicited ‘donations’ to the city coffers.

    What a better day to begin this joke enforcement than on April Fool’s Day – unless of course, the posting was a joke in the first place…

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