Mo’s Grill, New Rochelle Restaurant Owned by Yankee Reliever Mariano Rivera is Closed, May Re-Open in May

Written By: Robert Cox

MosClose3Mo’s Grill, the restaurant owned by New York Yankee star Mariano Rivera and his partners, closed at the end of February with plans to re-open before the Yankee’s home opener. Instead the restaurant remained closed through the opening series with the Detroit Tigers and into the current Minnesota Twins series. The restaurant may remain closed through the rest of the month.

“Renovations don’t always happen on time”, said Joe Fosina, a business parter of Rivera with a stake in the restaurant. Fosina is projecting a May start for the reliever’s restaurant.

Fosina told Talk of the Sound there have been some changes in the ownership structure and some new ideas on how to position the restaurant away from a fine-dining steakhouse and make it more accessible. Some consideration was given to converting the restaurant into a Sports Bar but that idea was rejected, reported by Rivera himself.

For now there is a City of New Rochelle Building Permit posted in the window, the shades are drawn and the only savory aroma in the area comes from the Greco Pizza restaurant two doors down.


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3 thoughts on “Mo’s Grill, New Rochelle Restaurant Owned by Yankee Reliever Mariano Rivera is Closed, May Re-Open in May”

  1. For a Steak House the Steaks were more like Tads
    If your going to open a steak house and charge steak house premium prices your steaks should be above what Tads used to serve. The place closed because the product was below average with above average pricing. Went once never would go back again.

  2. FAIL again
    It seems Rivera and Fosina have taken the new “Yankee Stadium” approach with their fine dining establishment. Catering to the smug businessman and phasing out the true fan or consumer does not end well. It apparently worked wonders with the vacant luxury seats in both the stadium and restaurant here in the dirtiest part of downtown New Rochelle.

    Business owners in the area have to stop opening hobby restaurants and shops that attract a small elite group or just give themselves something to do to pass the day during the week. New Rochelle needs productive shops and restaurants. Get over yourselves and listen to the majority.

    Mo’s should seriously sit down and take some pointers from Mickey Mantle’s restaurant in Manhattan. It’s very welcoming, stays true to the baseball fan and allows you to feel at home while enjoying a decent meal. Then again, it’s only been open for 23 successful years so what would they know?

  3. Another strike-out
    It’s to bad this place did not work out. I think the owners there thought that the avalon would have people living there with high incomes and that has turned out to be the false,instead we have low to medium income folks living there. The city did Mo’s no favor when they went 24/7 parking in the lot’s even though Mr. Fosina came out in favor of the 24/7 plan.I hope it can reopen as something different and all works out, but when you have to pay to park in lots 24/7 i don’t think so. The first time someone gets a $25.00 ticket because they were late to there space by one minute i don’t think they will return.

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