Organisciak Involved in Jose Martinez and Donna Henry Cover Up ?

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Superintendent Richard Organisciak, New Rochelle Board of Education and Officials within the New Rochelle Educational System are allegedly involved in the Jose Martinez shell game more then they wants parents to know.

Mr. Martinez isn’t the only alleged sexual predator that is employed by the New Rochelle School District that was awarded a promotion with pay raise. Do you recall Donna Henry ?

In an article posted in Talk of the Sound on May 11, 2009, the journalist uncovered deceit taken by Superintendent Organisciak, Albert Leonard & Isaac E. Young Middle School Officials, The New Rochelle School Board and Officials within the School District Offices, regarding Donna Henry, a school guard with a past history of disciplinary issues. Mrs. Henry allegedly had taken a cell phone from a student, a minor, which contained sexual images of children. Mrs. Henry copied the sexual images of children (also known as child pornography) onto other electronic devices and transmitted the child pornography using the internet. Sources claim that Mrs. Henry did not turn in the cell phone to her superior, which is standard protocol. Donna Henry kept the phone, made copies of the child pornography, showed other district employees the child pornography, and transmitted the child pornography via the internet to a district employee with Isaac E. Young Middle School.

Mrs. Henry was reported to Albert Leonard Middle School Principal Bill Evans regarding the images of child pornography by a person who Donna Henry openly showed the images without regret.

Superintendant Organisciak along with other Senior Administration Officials throughout the District and Members of the School Board were made aware of Donna Henry’s actions in the distribution of child pornography and have since sought to keep the incident quiet. Some decent and ethical board members sought to have Mrs. Henry fired, but to this day, she is still on the payroll.

The position and distribution of Child Pornography is a heinous crime that carries mandatory jail time. To witness the fact that our School District Officials and Board Members treat this monster that is Donna Henry with a promotion and salary increase is a crime itself. The New Rochelle Police Department is useless. Head of Security for the School District is a retired New Rochelle Police Officer who hires other New Rochelle Police Officers as School Security Guards. This connection between the two departments makes criminal investigations difficult and muddy, to many personal connections.

Between Donna Henry and Jose Martinez, parents want to know what other cases have been and are being covered up by the New Rochelle School District and the New Rochelle Police Department that are endangering the welfare of our children enrolled within the district.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) should be called in to police the two departments and carry out investigations into alleged cover ups.

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  1. Donna Henry is a joke
    She wasn’t suitable for a job protecting children 15 years ago and she definitely is not deserving of one now. NewRoNeeds(A LOT of)Help.

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