New Rochelle Board of Education Adopts $231 Million Budget with Project Tax Increase of 4.5%

Written By: Robert Cox

The New Rochelle Board of Education voted last night to adopt a 2012-12 proposed budget of $230,872,398 with an estimated tax increase of about 4.5%. The budget represents a 2.66% increase from last year’s budget.

Funding for non-mandated out-of-district busing for private and parochial students was partially restored and there will be fewer teacher layoffs than initially announced. The transportation budget was cut by $750,000 down from the original projected cut of about $1.9mm.

Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak said 35 employees may be laid off down from 100 in the initial proposed budget due to 46 retirements and resignations, an increase in state aid and the employee union foregoing a wage increase in the first year of the new 3-year contract which will be made up on the back end of the contract with subsequent increases of 2.1% and 2.6%.

There will be a purported salary freeze for Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak and Assistant Superintendents.

There will be a public hearing on the budget at New Rochelle High School on May 3rd at 7:30 p.m. There will be a referendum on the tax levy contained in the budget on May 17.

2 thoughts on “New Rochelle Board of Education Adopts $231 Million Budget with Project Tax Increase of 4.5%”

  1. School Tax Increase
    They can’t be serious,4.6%, when everything is going up, we are still in a recession, there should be no more than 2% raise or go back to the drawing board, the county hasn’t raised taxes, the state didn’t raise taxes but as usual the school is raising it’s taxes.
    Can anyone come up with a plan B.
    Mostly all municipalities are cutting or not raising, why are we raising the taxes.

  2. What a joke
    Here we go again another tax increase for our schools for what when are the citzens of New Rochelle going to rise up and say enough is enough already. Vote the school budget down and tell the board to strat making cuts real cuts that start saving the tax payers money.

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