New Rochelle Council Member Barry Fertel Supports Freespeech

Written By: Robert Cox

FreeSpeech2New Rochelle Council Member Barry Fertel is expressing his support for Freespeech.

Not “Free Speech”, the First Amendment right to talk your head off. No. Fertel is supporting Freespeech, an iPhone app developed by Jason Fetrel, the Council Member’s son. The app was recently features in the Unofficial SXSW AppShowcase. SXSW is short-hand for the famed South by SouthWest conference in Austin, Texas. Freespeech bills itself as “the perfect combinations of group messaging, text messaging and real-time message acknowledgements”. As the name suggests, the app is free.

Fertel gave his son’s app five stars and adds “Outstanding, smooth and simple. Love it!”

Jason Fertel is an accomplished software engineer who previously worked on Wall Street.



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  1. Pratice
    Hey Barry boy maybe you should learn from the headlines FREE SPEACH let Mr.St.Paul speak before chirping in.

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