Correction: Letter being sent home on Jefferson AP

Written By: Deprecated User

It does appear that a letter was sent home by the school explaining Mr. Jordano’s hiring. However, the “bookbag” monster does appear to have taken this letter from our child because it did not make it home to us (I did mention this was a possiblity in the original blog–kids lose letters). This is the reason why we check the school’s website (which generally does have a lot of information on it) to make sure we are as up to date as possible. My point on communication is that, considering all of the recent events and considering this hiring is related to this unfortunate incident, let’s use all possible avenues to communicate this hiring, including the school’s website, the robo-call, and maybe even this website to announce major events. I know we are not the only ones who just learned of this.

Thank you to those of you who pointed this out regarding the letter that was sent home and I commend Jefferson and the district leaders, who did come up with a good plan to introduce the AP according to the letter. Again, however, I would suggest that the school/district please make a better effort to communicate these things by using other avenues besides the backpacked letter home (the school’s website would be ideal).