Talk of the Sound Break Time Over Tomorrow

Written By: Robert Cox

At the suggestion of my campaign volunteers, I decided to take a few days off before getting back to the day to day work of Talk of the Sound. I got back very late last night from attending the graduation of my daughter from college yesterday, have been resting up today and will be back to normal operations for Talk of the Sound.

In the meantime, Noam and his cronies managed to plant a story in the Journal News purporting to expose a “scandal” involving my registering domain names for various keywords in New Rochelle that include As predicted in my article on Friday, this is just another example of the Journal News being spoon fed a story by the forces of the status quo in an attempt to maintain their tenuous grip on power despite a track record of failure in serving the people of New Rochelle. They figure if they can focus attention on their critics then maybe no one will notice the failed development projects, the ever-increasing taxes, the empty store fronts in downtown, the declining graduation rates and the on-going investigation into municipal corruption by the Westchester County District Attorney.

To tide you over until tomorrow, you can listen to my radio show from Friday where I discussed the recent school board election and the implications for Noam Bramson come November.

2 thoughts on “Talk of the Sound Break Time Over Tomorrow”

  1. Group of People
    Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

    – Margaret Mead

    The citizens of New Rochelle have started to live this quote. Thank you Bob for your hard work. This is only the beginning.

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