YMCA and Con Edison Partner to Save Energy

Written By: Talk of the Sound News

YMCAEnergyEvent 6 1 2011New Rochelle, NY June 1, 2011: The City of New Rochelle joined the New Rochelle YMCA today as they announced a 30% savings on their electric bill as a result of energy upgrades made through Con Edison’s Small Business Energy Efficiency Program. The announcement was made at a press conference at the YMCA attended by YMCA, City of New Rochelle, and Con Edison representatives.

New Rochelle’s newly-adopted sustainability plan, GreeNR, aims to cut community-wide energy use by at least 20% by 2030. With the commercial sector accounting for nearly a quarter of the city’s overall energy consumption, small businesses can play a big role in achieving GreeNR’s targets.

“Con Edison’s program is a win-win. Business owners and entrepreneurs can cut costs, while all of us benefit from greater efficiency and reduced reliance on fossil fuels,” said Mayor Noam Bramson. “I applaud the New Rochelle YMCA for taking advantage of this great opportunity, and I hope that the Y’s successful example will encourage many others to do the same.”

The City of New Rochelle Sustainability Coordinator Deborah Newborn arranged for the YMCA to participate in the program. “This Con Edison program is specifically geared to the types of businesses we have in New Rochelle,” she noted. “I am delighted that the YMCA chose to take advantage of this terrific energy-saving program. Businesses recoup their costs often in a matter of months, and then continue to benefit from reduced utility costs.”

Small businesses eligible for the program – those with less than an average peak monthly demand of 100 kilowatts of electricity– receive a free energy survey. Should the business elect to implement any of the energy efficiency improvements recommended by the survey, up to 70% of the costs will be paid for by the program. Examples of typical energy upgrades are high-efficiency lighting; heating, ventilation and cooling system tune-ups; and refrigeration upgrades.

“By participating in the Con Edison program the YMCA has experienced a 30% reduction in its electrical usage saving the Y over $2,300 monthly,” announced Jeff Krause, the Executive Director of the New Rochelle YMCA. “The program has also provided better lighting in key areas of the building especially the gymnasium. This is an important saving for the YMCA during these challenging financial times.”

The YMCA achieved these savings through implementing the lighting upgrades and controls recommended by the Con Edison survey. These included energy-efficient light bulbs, light sensors, and LED exit signs.

“The Small Business Energy Efficiency Program is just one of the many energy saving programs that the Con Edison Green Team has to offer,” said Jennifer Rommel, Program Manager for Con Edison. “We’re providing Westchester small business owners with the tools needed to cut their energy bills, saving them a significant amount of money that can be used for their business’ more essential needs. We look forward to making energy upgrades to even more businesses through the program’s expiration at the end of 2011.”

More information on Con Edison’s Small Business Energy Efficiency Program and how it can save New Yorkers money can be found at http://www.conedsmallbusiness.com/.