New Rochelle City Council Meeting Tuesday June 14

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There are some real interesting things on this Tuesday’s agenda.The city asking council for an extra $5,000.00 to pay for lawyer fees for the redistricting plan.The law firm that the deocratics on council voted for the firm of Harwood feffer llp Randolph MClaughlin sudmitted a bill for 17,965.00 the city mgr.says in a letter to council that the firm reduced that bill to 10,000.Why does the city now have to pay this after the 4 democratics on council only agreed to spend 5,000.Some tough questions should come from council members on this.Another item is the sale of the church on North Avenue next to the police station.In the agreement this can only be used as a church so why is it that the city is going to let the church use 100 parking spaces in the city hall lot on nights and weekends?Is there something else to this church are they going to have a social hall for parties and other events?Why the need for so many spaces.Another item on the agenda is the police department is asking that no U-turns on North avenue between pelham road and eastchester road.Why not make it all of North Avenue.There seems to be a typo in this draft the police ask for no U-turns from Pelham road to eastchester rd. But the resolution asks for all of North ave.Let’s just wait and see what happens.You can comment on these items and other city council agenda items at citzens to be heard.Starting at 7;30pm tuesday night city hall council chambers. UPDATE-Only St. paul asked a question on the lawyer fees the deocratics just sat there and said nothing.I can’t understand it why if the city mgr. was given a order he did not see it through why was it so much money where is the receipt to show the public all the work this firm did.On the church issue the question was never asked if there would be special events going on like parties etc. etc. WAS the landlord next door asked if they could purchase the property?The no U-turns on north will go from Pelham rd. to Mill rd.

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  1. New Rochelle City Hall Convict
    Have you had trouble with New Rochelle Building Department? Well, it looks like John Caldararo, New Rochelle building inspector is into serious trouble. He’s pleaded guilty to DWI; Arrested with Blood Alcohol Level Five Times Legal Limit. Mr. Caldararo lives on 131 Lawrence Place in New Rochelle, just off Eastchester Road. He’s been in the news a lot and has many charges against him in the Westchester Records Online. You can check it at
    I actually found many websites saying that to make sure he oversees your home issues, you just need to offer him a bottle of good wine or whisky (preferably Black Label). Surprisingly, the Mayor Noam Bramson hasn’t fired him. You can see for yourself how unsatisfied residents are with the Mayor, who doesn’t do anything this city really needs. He loves to party and can be seen in pictures on local newspapers all over town, celebrating and enjoying his photos in the media. He is also on Facebook and 2 more websites. I guess since he wouldn’t make it in Hollywood, he may expect to be happy with the local papers.

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