28th Summer Series of International Music and Dance at New Rochelle Public Library

Written By: Talk of the Sound News

One of New Rochelle Public Library’s most popular series, International Music and Dance performances bring the sounds and movements of global cultures to New Rochelle this summer, thrilling and delighting all ages. The 28th season of the free performances runs six Tuesday evenings, beginning July 5th. All performances begin at 7:00 pm, and seating is on a first-come/first-served basis, to the capacity of the library’s 145-seat Ossie Davis Theater. Doors open at 6:45 pm.

July 5 Korean Drums and Dance with Vongku Pak
A stunning performance with the sounds, costumes and movement of Korea. Percussionist Vongku Pak and his troupe fuse contemporary Korean drumming styles with elements of traditional dance into dynamic musical performances. Unique rhythm patterns define the salmulnori performance, which includes two sets of drums and brass gongs, and the sulchanggu, which showcases the most distinctive drum of Korea.

July 12 Brazilian Capoeira
To drums, the astounding movements and drumming of the martial art-dance form are preformed by Masters Bom Jesus with a troupe of masters and students of the Brazilian Capoeira Center. A sizzling performance of Samba percussion and dance tops off the show.

July 19 Russian Music and Dance
The Russian ensemble of Barynya will perform a spirited sampler of traditional Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian, Russian Jewish, and Russian Gypsy dance, music and songs. Mikhail Smirnov, founder of the internationally renowned group, provides the brief explanations and will invite audience members to join in the action.

July 26 Arabian Dance by Aszmara with Music of Armenia, Turkey and Egypt
The renowned dancer and belly dance instructor Aszmara performs to the folkloric sounds of Arabia and the Middle East by Armenian Musicians Haig Manoukian on oud, Souren Baronain on G-clarinet, and Mal Stein on dumbek,

August 9 Bokandeye African Dance and Drum Troupe
The crowd-pleasing Bokandeye Troupe, directed by Anthony Wooden, closes the 2011 series with African dance to djembe drumming. The rich cultural traditions of African villages come alive as the troupe’s multigenerational dancers perform in authentic costume.