A Bicycle Ran into My Three and a Half Years-Old Boy on the Library Green

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This is what happened on the New Rochelle Library Green on Tuesday night.

My son is three and a half years old and we live in Trump Plaza.  Our family love the library and they had international concert. After the show we met my son’s friend on the library green.  There were lots of people with their children riding bicycles. One  of them hit my son so hard that my son flew. It was so shocking I did not know what to do. His leg was injured.  My son seemed okay and he fell asleep now. Ignorant parents didn’t care even if their son hurt my boy.

Even though there is no bicycles and ball playings are allowed on the Library Green there are lots of people let their kids ride bikes.  I’m afraid my son or little kids just like my son will get hurt again. Library, city, or police should do something about it!

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  1. I Have an Idea
    What don’t we ask that City Hall including the Board of Ed be moved to Main Street and use that park on their lunch hour? I am sure if city employees and that includes the Mayor would use this location the laws and rules would be enforced and any parking problems would be solved. During the day, we might have some disposable income on Main Street. City Hall is probably one of our largest employers in New Rochelle aside from the 3 colleges.

  2. Re: UTTER CHAOS at Library green
    I too have been either hit by a ball, run into by a bike or two, or have had 3-4 UNATTENDED children run right into me while having a snack or lunch on any given day while over at Library green. When we ask the mothers of these children why they let their kids DISOBEY the clearly stated rules of: NO BALL PLAYING. NO BIKE RIDING. etc. We always get the same sorry, trite response ” Que? QUE? QUE? Yo no sabia. Yo no sabia” etc. I am multilingual, I work at the United Nations and, so, I can speak to them in French, Spanish, or in a variety of other languages, and again, these mothers CLAIM not to understand a single word I say. The bottom line is this– they have NO respect for anyone else and certainly no respect for rules or regulations at all. In addition to breaking the park’s rules, I even saw one of these ‘ negligent” mothers changing her child’s diapers in the parking and using the sole water fountain in the library Green to wash her baby’s back side. The fountain is used by countless children on a summer day. E coli anyone? We pay ENORMOUS amounts of taxes to have a clean, safe environment. How much is it to ask that the STATED RULES of the park be respected? Why are Non Anglo’s allowed to trample on all the rules and proper etiquette?

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